The Women’s Junior Olympic National Team Training Camp was conducted at the National Training Center in Huntsville, Texas, September 22-25. The 24 Level 10 athletes and their personal coaches had the pleasure of working with the following staff members:

    Brad Harris, Director
    Tammy Biggs-all events
    Neil Resnick-Vault
    Milan Stanovich-Bars
    Kathryn Geddert-Beam
    Jim Walker-Tumbling
    Kim Bonus-Dance

At the camp closing, camp awards were announced for some special accomplishments:

  • Vault: Maddy Stover (Wildfire Gymnastics-CA) for her willingness to change and try new techniques
  • Bars: Myia Hambrick (West Georgia) – new skill-Toe on & off to reverse hecht
    Lizzy LeDuc (Metroplex-TX) Caught her “Maloney”-toe on & off-Shaposhnikova
    Reagan Campbell (Texas Dreams) caught her Jaegers
  • Beam: Alyssa Shermatero (Olympia-MI) for her work ethic and great corrections
  • Tumbling: Brittney Ward (Missouri Valley) learned a Double Layout
  • Dance: Alicia Boren (North Stars-NJ) for best movement and artistry

Other athletes attending the camp were:

    Lauren Bancroft-Twistars, MI; Kennedi Edney & Jessica Wang Aca a