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Please read this statement from the Wilson College Gymnastics Program. Click here to sign the petition to help save Wilson Gymnastics.

“Wilson College has decided to cut their Gymnastics Program after this competitive year. We are trying to save the Gymnastics team. Gymnastics is more than a sport to this team; it is a way of life. Just like any other athlete, the gymnasts have taken this news very hard. The worst part about the whole situation is that the Gymnastics team wasn’t given a chance to fight against this decision. Even though a decision has been made we are still going to try because we as a team don’t want to go down without a fight! Gymnastics is a sport that is repeatedly thrown under the bus in favor of other sports, and we will not stand for the elimination of opportunities for girls to participate in sports at the collegiate level. Participation in gymnastics is increasing while college teams continue to cut or threaten to cut their programs. This is something we as a community will not stand for at Wilson College. Please sign our petition and help us keep our program, not just for the current members, but for the future Wilson College Phoenix!”