Paul Hamm

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On what he was thinking after his mistake on vault: “We
ll right when it happened I was thinking that I cost myself possibly a gold medal or any medal, but I knew at the same time that it only cost me so much and I knew that there was a possibility I could win a medal. I wasn”t looking for gold at that point, I was just looking to get a medal and things just started to work out in my favor toward the end of the meet. I had my best performance ever on parallel bars and then I was in a position to win going into the last event and had another best performance of mine on high bar. It was like a fairytale ending for me. I just can”t believe it happened.”

On his vault: “The funny thing, I didn”t really feel when I was in the air that it was a bad vault. I felt fine in the air and that”s why I was kind of shocked. I remember telling Miles after I finished that I don”t know how that happened because it felt good in the air. When I landed I was just a little off to the side and I couldn”t really stop it.”

Brett McClure

On what he was thinking prior to competition: “This was my first time in an all-around competition at a World or Olympic competition, so I told myself I was going to enjoy it and I am!”

On his performance: “I had a ton of fun out there! I had a great time and I knew going into rings what was going to happen, so I tried to enjoy myself as much as possible.”

“I was happy with what I did. I just went out there and did the best I could and had a good time. I leave here with no regrets.”

On going into rings:

“I was just trying to absorb as much as I possibly could. This is my last competition of the Olympic Games this time, so I just really wanted to take it all in and feel the support from all of the U.S. guys in the stands and just enjoy it.”

“I took a picture with my digital camera of the standings going into the sixth rotation because I new it going to change.”

On the start value of his rings routine: “That was their choice. They said my maltese was too high and counted it as a planche, which brought my start value down a couple of tenths.”

On what this means for growth in the sport of men”s gymnastics: “This is huge! If this doesn”t seal the deal, I don”t know what will! We came out here and accomplished our goals so far, with a few more to go. Finally after all these years, I feel like the U.S. belongs out there, competing with the best tams in the world.”

On Paul Hamm”s comeback:”Oh man, I am so happy for him. He deserves it. He”s worked so hard and he”s by far the best gymnast in the world and he proved it today. He came back from a fall and still won, you know. That”s just an unbelieveable accomplishment. I am just proud to be part of his team.”