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Tracee Talavera

Class of 1998· Disciplines(s): Women's Artistic· Inducted as: Athlete

Tracee Talavera is a former World and Olympic Medalist as well as a U.S. National Champion.

Talavera was the Junior National Champion in 1978 and quickly moved up to the senior ranks. Coached by Dick and Linda Mulvihill in 1979, Talavera earned the bronze medal in the all-around at the American Cup. That same year she was a World Championships Team member.

In 1980 she made her first Olympic Team but did not compete due to the U.S. boycott. In 1981, Talavera won the all-around at the U.S. Championships. She was also a world team member and garnered a bronze medal on balance beam in event finals. In 1982, Talavera was again the U.S. National Champion. In 1983, Talavera switched gyms and coaches to work with Mike Lynch at Golden Gate Gymnastics in Concord, CA.

In 1984, Talavera made her second Olympic Team. Since 1989 Talavera has been involved in coaching at Golden Gate Gymnastics. She holds a BA in Communications from St. Mary’s College.