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Scott Johnson

Class of 1999· Disciplines(s): Men's Artistic· Inducted as: Athlete

Scott Johnson was a member of the gold medal winning U.S. Men’s Olympic Team at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. He was also a member and team captain of the 1988 Seoul team and was the U.S. national champion in 1987. All of this culminates in a stellar eight years on the U.S. national team. Johnson began his gymnastics career at the age of ten at his local YMCA in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

He won the Colorado High School all-around in his senior year. Upon graduation, he enrolled at the University of Nebraska. This was the initial year of Nebraska‘s string of 5 straight NCAA Team titles, thus creating a strong gymnastics tradition. Johnson was a seven-time national champion while at Nebraska.

Along with his Olympic success, Johnson was also a member of 4 World Teams and was the 1987 Pan American Games Champion. Johnson set records and made Pan Am Games history by being the first gymnast to medal in each event. He was nominated for the Sullivan Award in 1988.

After gymnastics, Scott did a stint as head coach at Broadway Gymnastics in Orlando, Florida. He and his family live in Oviedo, Florida.