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Mike Jacki

Class of 2004· Disciplines(s): Women's Artistic· Men's Artistic· Inducted as: Contributor

Mike Jacki was actively involved in volunteer activities that promoted the sport of gymnastics prior to becoming the President of the United States Gymnastics Federation in 1983.

Mike took on the responsibility of the USGF at a time when the very existence of the organization was in jeopardy. He began with a $700,000 deficit. His creativity in this job was legendary as the USGF staff learned to look at every idea as a serious pursuit. Accomplishments that are considered for the Hall of Fame are generally those which make a considerable impact on the sport and for USA programs. Although many of these occurred during Mike’s tenure as USAG President, this leadership defines what the national programs are today; promoting national club growth, athlete support, early recognition of talent, and athlete financial and training support. Many of his ideas had to be successfully recognized at the FIG international level in order to be implemented for our athletes and all athletes worldwide.  A portion of these include:

  • Helped create the National Gymnastics Foundation that started funding from the profit of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.
  • Chaired the marketing and eligibility committees of the FIG.  They re-wrote and changed rules to allow athlete endorsements and sponsorships in addition to funding from the National Governing Bodies, including open prize money and uniform signage for team sponsors.
  • Began the USGF Safety Program and Certifications
  • Started the Talent Opportunity Program

Among the positions he held are: Competition director for the 1984 Olympic Games, Member of the United States Olympic Committee Board of Directors from 1984-1992, Chairman of the USOC Training Center Committee from 1992-1996, served on the USOC Marketing Committee from 1982-1996, Member of the Board of Directors of the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games from 1991-1996, President of the Organizing Committee for the World Gymnastics Committee in 1991, elected to the FIG Executive Committee in 1984, elected as Vice-President in 1998 and first Vice-President in 1992. During the voting years of the 1984, 88, and 92 Olympiads was successful in electing all of the USA candidates that ran for positions, including our first technical committee President, Jackie Fie, in 1992.

Mr. Jacki is an Honorary Member of the FIG, was awarded life membership of the Pacific Alliance after serving on the Executive committee from 1984-1993, and has gone on to support efforts of collegiate gymnastics.