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Linda Chencinski

Class of 1989· Disciplines(s): Women's Artistic· Inducted as: Contributor

Often overlooked, youth gymnastics is a vital fuel source for the onward drive and success of the sport on much grander levels. As a judge, director, coordinator, and administrator, Linda Chencinski made her career a daily practice to make sure no fuel was lost in that fire.

She began her career in 1969 as an Olympic Trials judge and would eventually be best known for being a Brevet judge who worked three Olympic Games. However, her contribution to the sport spans far beyond the judges’ table. Chencinski held administrative positions with the AAU Junior Olympics and Regional YMCA Gymnastics, plus she coached all levels.

In her tenure, the FIG honored Chencinski with the FIG “Honorary Judges’ Diploma” and named her the “Best of the Best” as a result of the WTC Judging Analysis Xth cycle for the 2001-2004 period.