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Miles Avery

Class of 2017· Disciplines(s): Men's Artistic· Inducted as: Coach

Miles Avery is a highly regarded figure in the world of gymnastics coaching, known for his exceptional skills and dedication to the sport. Throughout his career, which spanned several decades, Avery played a crucial role in shaping the success of numerous gymnasts and contributing to the advancement of the sport itself.

Avery began his coaching journey in the late 1980s, initially working with gymnasts at the club level. His passion for gymnastics and his natural talent for coaching quickly became evident as he helped young athletes develop their skills and reach their full potential. Recognizing his unique abilities, Avery was soon offered a position at the prestigious Ohio State University, where he became the head coach of the men’s gymnastics program.

During his tenure at Ohio State, Avery built a powerhouse gymnastics team that consistently ranked among the top in the nation. In Avery’s 13 years as head coach at Ohio State University, he led the Buckeyes to the 2001 NCAA title and five Big Ten championships. He also produced three NCAA all-around champions, nine NCAA event champions, and 22 All-Americans.

Miles has earned numerous awards and accolades during his career, which include: three-time NCAA Assistant Coach of the Year (1992, 1996-97); 2001 NCAA Coach of the Year; five-time Big Ten Coach of the Year (2001-02, 2005-07); and two-time USA Gymnastics Coach of the Year (2005, 2008).

Avery was a member of the men’s coaching staff at four Olympic Games (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008).

He has been the personal coach of numerous World and Olympic team members and medalists. His impressive list of athletes includes Paul Hamm, a five-time World medalist and three-time Olympic medalist, the first U.S. man to win the World and Olympic all-around titles; Blaine Wilson, a five-time U.S. all-around champion, three-time Olympian and 2004 Olympic team silver medalist; Morgan Hamm, 2003 World team silver medalist, two-time Olympian (2000, 2004) and a two-time U.S. floor champion; and Raj Bhavsar, 2008 Olympic team bronze medalist, two-time World team silver medalist (2001, 2003) and 2004 Olympic team alternate.

One of the most notable highlights of Avery’s coaching career came in 2004 when he coached Paul Hamm, an Ohio State gymnast, to Olympic gold in the men’s all-around competition at the Athens Olympics. This historic achievement made Hamm the first American male gymnast to win an Olympic all-around title. Avery’s coaching played a pivotal role in Hamm’s success, and it solidified his reputation as one of the premier gymnastics coaches in the world.

Beyond his success at the collegiate and Olympic levels, Avery also made significant contributions to the broader gymnastics community. He served as a mentor and educator, sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring coaches and gymnasts. Avery’s dedication to the sport went beyond individual achievements, as he actively worked to improve the overall coaching standards and training methodologies in gymnastics.

Throughout his career, Miles Avery’s coaching prowess and commitment to excellence left an indelible mark on the world of gymnastics. His ability to develop top-level athletes, record of success, and impact on the sport’s development have solidified his status as one of the most influential and respected coaches in gymnastics history.