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Jim Aamodt

Class of 2021· Disciplines(s): Trampoline & Tumbling· Inducted as: Lifetime Achievement

Jim co-owned the Gymnastic Academy of Rockford with his wife, Lori Aamodt, and was one of US history’s most decorated tumbling coaches. During a coaching career that spanned over four decades, Jim Aamodt coached 25 athletes selected for the U.S. National Team to 18 World Championship titles. He was twice selected USA Gymnastics’ T&T Coach of the Year and was tapped to coach the National Team 12 times.

Jim was exceptionally innovative, having been internationally recognized as a program developer and inventor. He wrote the developmental tumbling program known as the “Whip Progression System,” which was implemented by the sport’s national governing bodies.

He developed the first “SKI” tumbling floor used extensively in the US and Canada, which evolved into the rod floor still used in competition today. Jim served on multiple technical and judging committees for the USAG, USSAF, USAF, USTA, and ATTA. Aamodt remained an active presence in gymnastics and was selected to serve in numerous leadership roles throughout his career, including as a FIG international judge.

Jim was inducted into the Gallery of Legends and Hall of Fame by the World Acrobatics Society. Most recently, Jim has been nominated for the USA Gymnastics Lifetime Achievement Award. His influence, attention to detail, and excellence will impact the sport for generations to come.

Survived by his wife, Lori, and children, Anthony and Bradee, Aamodt passed away and will receive this honor posthumously.