Participants in the Grandstand for the Opening Ceremony
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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., June 14, 2008 – 42 of the nation’s top Gymnastics for All, TeamGym squads gathered for the 2008 Group Gymnastics TeamGym Nationals and GymFest, June 13-14, at Go For It USA in North Las Vegas, Nev. The event featured an grand Opening Ceremony, competition in Levels A-D in TeamGym and GymFest display performances by four groups. With over 400 registered particpants, this set a recored that the lartest ever Gymnastics for All Nationals.


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To qualify for the TeamGym Nationals, the squads of gymnasts had to earn qualifying scores in state and regional competitions.


The event opened on Friday evening, June 13 with an Opening Ceremony at a local high school. Activites included a Grand March, presentation of the colors, and GymFest display performances.


Five sessions of TeamGym competitions were conducted throughout the day on Saturday, June 14. Prior to the awards ceremonies for each competitive division, exhibition performances were provided by GymFest groups as well as several Las Vegas professional entertainers.


Local Host, Go For It USA, dominated the competition earning team Gold in three divisions (Level B female/mixed, Level C female/mixed, Level C male). Go For It USA also took the Silver in Level B female/mixed and Level D.


In Level D — the highest competitive difficulty level — team Gold was earned by Biron Gymnastics from Houston, Texas with their clean and consistent performance and a wonderful group floor routine. Taking team Silver, the Go For It USA Level D squad set a new standard of difficulty with the multiple high level skills demonstrated in the TeamGym Jump event. In view of great advancements in both artistry and difficulty seen in this year’s D Level National competition, the Rules Committee will certainly take this ‘Look to the Future’ into consideration when they meet later this year to update the TeamGym Regulations for the 2009 season.


Earning team Silver were the Go For It USA "Power squad" (Level B female/mixed); Biron Gymnastics, (Level C female); Tricks Granite Bay (Level C male); and Go For It USA (Level D).


Earning team Bronze were Biron Gymnastics (Level B female/mixed) and Bay State Gymnastics from North Dartmouth, Mass. (Level C female/mixed).


In the Level A Division, squads are not given placment awards but awarded Gold, Silver, or Bronze achievement awards based on their performances: Gold = 18.00-20.00, Silver = 16.00-17.99, and Bronze = 14.00-15.99.


Two A squads earned Gold: Go For It USA Perfy Pandas, Las Vegas; and Go For It USA Twisters II.


Twelve A squads earned Silver: Go For It USA Solid Gold FS I, NV; Rips & Ties Older Ones, West Covina, CA; Kips Gymnastics Sizzilin’ Sweethearts, Corona, CA; Stars Gymnastics Girls 4 Fun, Baldwin Park, CA; Kips Gymnastics Fantastics, Corona, CA; Kips Gymnastics Bombay Beauties,  Anaheim, CA; Tricks Gymnastics Tiny Tarzans, Granite Bay, CA;  Tricks Gymnastics A Team, Sacramento, CA; Go For It USA Twisters I, NV; Rips & Ties Younger Ones, West Covina, CA; Go For It USA FS II – Diamond Girls, NV; and Desert Christian A Team, Lancaster, CA.





Four GymFest groups participated inthe first ever USA Gymnastics for All Challenge. The groups were evaluated by an Expert Panel and awarded designations of Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

  • Earning Gold designations were Biron Gymnastics from Houston Texas and the West Bend Dance and Tumbling Troupe from West Bend, Wis.
  • Earning Silver was La Jolla YMCA from La Jolla, Calif.
  • Earning Bronze was Gymnastics Inc. from Kenvil, N.J.

Group Gymnastics — known officially by the FIG as Gymnastics for All — is one of the eight gymnastics sport disciplines officially recognized by gymnastic organizations worldwide. This diverse sport program provides opportunities and activities for all ages and levels of abilities. General Gymnastic activities contribute to the development of general sport skills, fitness, health, important movement patterns and daily life skills.


TeamGym is a competitive version of Group gymnastics whereby squads of 6-16 athletes perform together in two events – Group Floor Exercise and Group Jump. Currently there are four graded difficulty levels with competitions leading up to a TeamGym National championships.


GymFest display performances are a non-competitive program for performance (or display gymnastics). USA Gymnastics hosts an annual National Group Gymnastics GymFest.





Two A squads earned Bronze: Flip 2 It Bomb Squad, Roseville, CA and Kips Gymnastics American Angels, Anaheim, CA.