DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., March 26, 2010 – Three U.S. women won gold medals in the age-group competition on the second day of competition at the 2010 Trampoline & Tumbling Pan American Championships at the Daytona Beach (Fla.) Ocean Center. The three champions are: Nicole Ahsinger of San Diego/Bounce California, women’s 11-12 double mini-trampoline; Mackenzie Kulka, Tulsa, Okla./Oklahoma Extreme Tumbling, women’s 15-16 tumbling; and Mary Rossi of Plano, Texas/Eagle’s Wings, women’s 15-16 double mini. The three-day championship has gymnasts competing in senior, junior and age-group level divisions. The USA won a total of seven medals (three gold, three silver and one bronze) on the second day, and competition wraps up March 27.

Samuel Chiacchia of Colorado Springs, Colo./ArtSports, added the individual trampoline silver to the tumbling gold and double-mini silver medals he earned yesterday. Brittney Bernard of Bixby, Okla./Oklahoma Extreme Tumbling, finished behind Kulka for the women’s 15-16 tumbling silver medal. Victoria Lockwood of Poway, Calif./Bounce California, captured the women’s 17+ trampoline silver medal. Ryan Roberts of Ramona, Calif./Bounce California, took the men’s bronze medal in 17+ trampoline.

Ahsinger’s double-mini title was the gymnast’s second Pan Am title. Yesterday she became the 11-12 age-group trampoline champion. On the first day of competition, the USA won 11 medals (four gold, two silver, five bronze) in junior and age-group competition.

The non-U.S. champions in the age-group competition are: Benjamin Blais, Team BC/Canada, men’s 11-12 double mini; Perola Barreto, Instituto Vianna Junior/Brazil, women’s 11-12 tumbling; Nathaniel St. Romain, Quinte Bay Gymnastics/Canada, men’s 11-12 tumbling; Sean Robertson, Burlington BG/Canada, men’s 15-16 tumbling; AnaLuiza Melo, Minas Tenis Clube/Brazil, women’s 13-14 trampoline; Jean-Christoph Martel, Viagym/Canada, men’s 13-14 trampoline; Anita Cirillo, Team BC/Canada, women’s 17+ trampoline; and Vincent Ng, Just Bounce Trampoline Club/Canada.

More than 260 gymnasts from six North and South American countries are vying for continental titles in the senior, junior and age group categories. In addition to the United States, the other countries participating in the Pan American Championships are Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Two men and two women will qualify their countries for the Youth Olympic Games.

Admission to the 2010 Trampoline and Tumbling Pan American Championships is free, and the final day of competition schedule is as follows.

March 27
9 a.m. – Synchronized trampoline, prelims and finals (11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17+, senior m/w)
9 a.m. – Double mini-trampoline, prelims and finals (17+ m/w)
3:45 p.m. – Double mini-trampoline finals (senior m/w)
4:15 p.m. – Tumbling finals (senior m/w)
4:45 p.m. – Trampoline finals (senior m/w)
5:25 p.m. – Double mini-trampoline team finals (m/w)
5:55 p.m. – Tumbling team finals (m/w)
6:25 p.m. – Trampoline team finals (m/w)

NOTE: numbers indicate age-group competition divisions; m=men; w=women)