On Sunday, October 30th, the first Regional Rhythmic Gymnastics Strength Screening took place in Los Angeles. With the help of National Team coach Tatyana Itkina of California Rhythms, a group of physical therapist and athletic trainers, lead by Kristen Traina, performed the rhythmic gymnastics strength and flexibility screen on 24 Region 1 gymnasts.

The screen assessed flexibility, strength and muscular endurance with the goal of identifying and addressing weaknesses to improve performance and prevent injury. Following the screen, the gymnasts were given exercises tailored to their performance on the tests. In addition to the screen, local physicians were present to answer questions and discuss injury history. Parents and gymnasts were excited to participate in the screen and make connections with local medical professionals specializing in dance medicine.

We are hopeful that we will be able to conduct the screen on an annual basis to show progress and help the gymnasts as they continue to excel. Kristen Traina works closely with the U.S. Rhythmic National Team in preparation for major international competition, including the Pacific Rim Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games. Kristen works closely with Elizabeth Darling, a member of the USA Gymnastics Medical Task Force, on developing, implementing, and maintaining treatment and further strength, fitness and injury prevention programming for the Rhythmic Program.