Six NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Regional Championships are scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, April 4, across the country to decide the 12 teams that will advance to the 2015 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships in Fort Worth, Texas, April 17-19. The top two teams and the top two all-around competitors (who are not on an advancing team) from each regional will receive an automatic berth to the national championships. The event winners at each regional site will also advance to the national championships (in that event only), if they are not part of a qualifying team or an all-around qualifier.

Below is an overview of each Regional and how to follow the action.

Morgantown Regional (Host: West Virginia University) 4 p.m. ET
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1. Florida
2. Stanford
3. Illinois
4. Arkansas
5. New Hampshire
6. West Virginia

Norman Regional (Host: University of Oklahoma) 5 p.m. ET
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1. Oklahoma
2. Oregon State
3. Penn State
4. Southern Utah
5. Missouri
6. NC State

Ames Regional (Host: Iowa State University) 5 p.m. ET
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1. LSU
2. Nebraska
3. Denver
4. Washington
5. Michigan State
6. Iowa State

Columbus Regional (Host: Ohio State University) 6 p.m. ET
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1. Michigan
3. Arizona
4. Central Michigan
5. Kentucky
6. Ohio State

Auburn Regional (Host: Auburn University) 7 p.m. ET
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1. Alabama
2. Auburn
3. Minnesota
4. Iowa
5. Maryland
6. George Washington

Berkeley Regional (Host: University of California-Berkeley) 9 p.m. ET
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1. Utah
2. Georgia
3. Boise State
4. California
5. Utah State
6. BYU