National Team Training camp was a HUGE success. Current USA Gymnastics National Team members and athletes that were selected by the National Coaching staff attended the first training camp of the year, February 2nd, 2017.

Athletes performed routines, trained skills, and received feedback from the National Coaching staff to help prepare them for the Selection Event at the upcoming Vegas Acro Cup and future selection to World Team 2018.

This was the first camp of its kind for the Acrobatic Gymnastics Program as the invited athletes will have their progress tracked by the National Coaching staff in hopes to prepare these athletes for future success both nationally and internationally. The National Coaching staff will work in unison to provide the Acrobatic Gymnastics program with the tools needed to promote coach’s education, athletic training techniques, skill selections, and opportunities for athletic preparations.

Invited Athletes:

    Hernandez & Ludeman
    Merwarth & Merwarth
    Collins & Martin

    Diamond, Kirchner, & Leinonen
    Dubbels & Edwards
    Gruendler & Massa
    Alonzo & Liberto
    Fitzgerald & Robinson
    Carr, Flavien, & Tomlinson
    Carr & Stone
    Alessi, Vila, & White
    Blante & Roe
    Newlin & White
    Draves & Prevost
    Hollingsworth, Powell, & Royes-Fletcher
    Isaacson, Koller, & Stone

    Davis & Rosilier
    Blough & Burns
    Felix & McDougal

    Sr. Elite
    Merwarth & Renteria
    Osborne & Williams
    Sedochenkoff & Boynton
    Gruszka, Sweeney, & Waterson
    Handel, Helton, & Jones