QUEBEC CITY, Que., April 7, 2007—Chris Estrada of Lafayette, La., and Ryan Weston of Chubbuck, Idaho, placed fourth in men’s synchronized trampoline at the Trampoline and Tumbling World Cup in Quebec City, Que. Kalon Ludvigson of Cedar Lake, Ind., claimed the men’s silver medal at the double mini-trampoline competition held in conjunction with the World Cup.

In tumbling at the World Cup, Susannah Johnson of Roanoke, Va., was fifth for the women, while Ludvigson placed sixth and Chris Adair of Lubbock, Texas, was eighth for the men. Erin Blanchard of Lafayette, La., and Brittany Dircks of Orland Park, Ill., were sixth in women’s synchronized trampoline.  Yuliya Hall of Idaho Falls, Idaho, finished seventh in women’s tumbling. Competing in today’s qualification round in men’s synchronized trampoline, but not advancing to the finals, was the U.S. duo of Logan Dooley of Lake Forest, Calif., and Steven Gluckstein of Atlantic Highlands, N.J.

In the double mini-trampoline competition held in conjunction with the World Cup, Ludvigson led the USA in second for the men with a score of 73.60. Josh Vance of Rockford, Mich., and Kaci Barry of San Diego, Calif., placed fourth for the men and women, respectively. Aubree Balkan of Carlsbad, Calif., finished in fifth place for the women.
The World Cup champions were:  reigning world champs Vladimir Kakorko and Nikolai Kazak of Belarus, men’s synchronized trampoline, 49.00; Karen Cockburn and Rosannagh MacLennan of Canada, women’s synchronized trampoline, 48.20; world champion Wang Jiexu of China, men’s tumbling, 76.80; current world champion Anna Korobenikova of Russia, women’s tumbling, 69.70; China’s Dong Dong, men’s trampoline, 40.60; and reigning world champion Irina Karavaeva of Russia, women’s trampoline, 38.60. Kirill Ivanov of Russia won the men’s double mini-trampoline competition with a 74.80, while Canada’s Julie Warnock topped the women’s field with a 71.00.

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Trampoline and Tumbling World Cup

Quebec City, Quebec
April 7, 2007
Final Round

Women’s Trampoline
1. Irina Karavaeva, Russia, 38.60
2. Huang Shanshan, China, 38.40
3. Karen Cockburn, Canada, 38.00

Men’s Trampoline
1. Dong Dong, China, 40.60
2. Flavio Cannone, Italy, 40.50
3. Yasuhiro Ueyama, Japan, 40.50

Women’s Synchronized Trampoline
1. Karen Cockburn and Rosannagh MacLennan, Canada, 48.20
2. Ekaterina Mironova and Tatsiana Petrenia, Belarus, 48.00
3. Jaime Moore and Claire Wright, Great Britain, 47.40
U.S. finish
6. Erin Blanchard and Brittany Dircks, USA, 44.80

Men’s Synchronized Trampoline
1. Vladimir Kakorko and Nikolai Kazak, Belarus, 49.00
2. Diogo Ganchinho and Nuno Merino, Portugal, 48.80
3. Masaki Ito and Shunsuke Nagasaki, Japan, 48.00
U.S. finish
4. Chris Estrada and Ryan Weston, USA, 47.80

Women’s Tumbling
1. Anna Korobenikova, Russia, 69.70
2. Samantha Palmer, Great Britain, 68.80
3. Emily Smith, Canada, 64.20
U.S. finish
5. Susannah Johnson, USA, 63.40
7. Yuliya Hall, USA, 61.40

Men’s Tumbling
1. Wang Jiexu, China, 76.80
2. Jozef Wadecki, Poland, 73.90
3. Michael Barnes, Great Britain, 70.90
U.S. finish
6. Kalon Ludvigson, USA, 67.60
8. Chris Adair, USA, 27.60

Women’s Double Mini-Trampoline
1. Julie Warnock, Canada, 71.00
2. Sarah Charles, Canada, 69.90
3. Svetlana Balandina, Russia, 69.30
Other U.S. finish
4. Kaci Barry, USA, 66.70
5. Aubree Balkan, USA, 65.30

Men’s Double Mini-Trampoline
1. Kirill Ivanov, Russia, 74.80
2. Kalon Ludvigson, USA, 73.60
3. Joao Engracio, Portugal, 71.80
Other U.S. finish
4. Josh Vance, USA, 69.90