INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A delegation of eight U.S. acrobatic gymnasts will compete in the 1st Acrobatic Gymnastics International Tournament, May 3-6, in Gabravo, Bulgaria. The athletes will participate in the women’s group and women’s pair age group competition, and the women’s group junior competition.

The athlete assignments for the competition are listed below.

Age Group, Women’s Group
    Ashley Hargis, Kearney, Mo./Rising Stars
    Chelcea Riegel, Holt, Mo./Rising Stars
    Kristin Weidmaier, Holt, Mo./Rising Stars

Age Group, Women’s Pair
    Maren Focke, Rockville, Md./Xtreme Acro
    Hannah Vires, Olney, Md./Xtreme Acro

Junior, Women’s Group
    Meghan Ball, Rockville, Md./Xtreme Acro
    Keisha Padello, Arlington, Va./Xtreme Acro
    Erika Sundberg, Bethesda, Md./Xtreme Acro