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USA Gymnastics University FAQ

University FAQ

Q: What is USA Gymnastics University?
A: USA Gymnastics University is a collection of educational resources and courses, as well as a professional certificate program. The University will provide greater educational opportunities and a standardized education program for gymnastics professionals at all levels. All of USA Gymnastics’ current and future educational courses will fall under the University umbrella. Certificate programs are available in the School of Competitive Gymnastics, School of Recreational Gymnastics, School of Judging, and School of Business.

Q: What are the benefits of continuing education and the certificate program?
A: A USA Gymnastics Certificate Program gives you visible recognition for your accomplishments in the field. It indicates to others that you have achieved a nationally recognized standard. It provides an edge and improves your marketability when competing against other gymnastics professionals for top positions in the field. It establishes standards for safety in the sport of gymnastics. Club owners will enhance the credibility of their staff by sponsoring their education. Additional benefits include:

  • Providing a safer, healthier environment for gymnastics participation
  • Enhancing athlete development, contributing to well-rounded athletes with greater opportunities for success
  • Obtaining national-level professional recognition and acknowledgment of competency, which aids employers in evaluating current employees and future hires, and allows professionals to stand out among peers
  • Gives you the tools you need to achieve success in the industry
  • Increase your credibility and accountability among peers, clients, and employers
  • Contributing to employment opportunities, job advancement and increased salaries
  • Showing commitment to professionalism and lifelong learning
  • Enhancing skills, training, and knowledge
  • Helping to reduce personal and institutional liability
  • Providing a means for new coaches, judges, and teachers to get involved with the sport

Q: What is the difference between USA Gymnastics University courses and the certification program?
A: USA Gymnastics offers a variety of educational opportunities through the University including live and online courses, Regional and National Congresses, as well as clinics, workshops and camps in each discipline. All of these are considered USA Gymnastics University courses. The certificate program defines required education and awards recognition of completion. Individuals will complete various course work, defined for each level, in order to earn a certificate. Multiple courses may be required for competion of a specific certificate level.

Q: Is there a fee to enter the University?
A: No, there is no fee. Enrollment is a benefit of your membership, and each course has its own individual fee.

Q: What does “Certificate Program” mean?
A: Certificate Program means you have completed the required and elective coursework to obtain a certain level of education.

Q: Who should complete the certificate program?
A: The University is set up for coaches, athletes, club owners, judges, or anyone who is interested in learning more about the sport of gymnastics. The University is designed for individuals with or without previous gymnastics experience. Some courses have a minimum age requirement.

Q: Will completion of the certificate program make me more marketable?
A: This certificate program will absolutely make you more marketable to current and future employers, as well as potential clients. It indicates that you are committed to maintaining high standards of ethics, safety, and professional conduct. It also demonstrates that you have the necessary skills to be a leader in the field of gymnastics. With noted credentials to reinforce your professionalism and leadership capabilities, you will increase profitability while increasing your client base.

Q: Why would I want to hire someone with a USA Gymnastics University Degree?
A: A potential employee who has completed the certificate program from USA Gymnastics University has shown that they have the drive and desire to succeed. It demonstrates that they have the foundation and necessary basic skills. You can have confidence that they have reached a specific competency and level of education.

Q: How do I know I am entered in the University?
A: Upon purchasing your membership (professional, junior professional, instructor) and taking your first course, you have entered into the university. Please go online to “My Profile” page to view your completed course work and print your certificate.

Q: Does everyone have to start at the initial/instructor level?
A: No. Experienced gymnastics professionals may apply for pre-placement (available until 7.31.2014). Please see application and additional information on our website.

Q: What if I complete my certificate and you add more requirements later. Is my certificate still valid?
A: Yes, you will keep your certificate and will not need to fulfill any additional requirements. If requirements change while taking coursework, you must complete the current certificate program requirements.

Application FAQ

Q: I am a very experienced coach entering the School of Competitive Gymnastics. How do I qualify for pre-placement into a higher level of the certificate program?
A: Please complete the pre-placement application for your specific discipline. This can be found at Regardless of pre-placement, all programs require you to take U100 Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction. You must be at least 18 years old, and you must have held a Professional membership with USA Gymnastics for at least three years. Please note that pre-placement begins at the ¾ tier of each school.

Q: I have held a professional membership for only 6 months, but I was previously a Foreign Coach, do I qualify for pre-placement?
A: If you are not eligible to apply for pre-placement but still feel you have qualifications for placement in the university please email [email protected] to request consideration.

Q: Can I apply for pre-placement in the School of Judging?
A: If you are a judge, your rating already exists and you already have your placement.

Q: How long does it take to process my application for pre-placement?
A: It usually takes about 8-10 weeks to process your application.

Q: Is there any cost to apply for pre-placement?
A: No, this is a benefit of your membership.

Q: How do I find out what pre-placement I achieved?
A: Please allow 8-10 weeks for pre-placement. You can view your placement on your “My Profile” page of If you do not receive placement after 10 weeks (and have completed U100 Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction) please contact educational services.

Certificate Program FAQ

Q: Can I count other education towards USA Gymnastics University certificate program?
A: All certificate program requirements must be earned through USA Gymnastics educational courses, clinics, workshops, sanctioned events, or approved providers. This is important to be able to provide standardized education, bring value to the certificate program, and guarantee the level of training for all participants. This also enables USA Gymnastics to track and verify the completion of requirements.

Q: Must I take a test to earn my certificate?
A: Testing is incorporated into the course work. There are no comprehensive tests required to complete a certification level. For example, there may be a test within the U101 Safety/Risk Management Certificate course, but there will not be a ‘final’ test within the certificate program. Once the courses/requirements are met, the certificate will be granted.

Q: I have previous USA Gymnastics certificates; will they count towards the USA Gymnastics University certificate program?
A: In most cases, yes, previous USA Gymnastics certificates will be incorporated into the University. If these courses or electives are a requirement for the certificate program, you will receive credit. USA Gymnastics maintains records for those completing Safety/Risk Management Certificate, Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction, Preschool Fundamentals courses, Business Courses, Regional and National Congresses, KAT, MELPD, PDP,, and T&T Level 1 Certificate. Other USA Gymnastics University courses, from here on out will also count towards University credits and the certificate program.

Q: Do I need to be a member of USA Gymnastics to enter in the university certificate program?
A: Yes. Individuals must be a Professional, Junior Professional or Instructor member of USA Gymnastics in order to earn university credit & certificates. However, individual courses are offered to anyone in the gymnastics community, including non-members.

Q: What are the requirements of the certificate program?
A: Certificate programs are available in four different areas or schools of study: Competitive, Judging, Recreational Gymnastics, and Business/Administrative. Within each school, certificate requirements are defined for each of the four levels.

Q: How will I know when I have met the requirements of the certificate program?
A: You will manage the certificate process through our website. You can go to the “My Profile” page and print out your certificates. Achieved certificates are updated on a quarterly basis. Email questions to [email protected].

Q: Can one course count for two requirements?
A: No, each course can only count for one requirement. However, one course can apply to multiple schools of study. (i.e. U101 Safety and Risk Management)

Q: If I go to three different regional or national congresses do I get three course credits?
A: Yes, because each congress is a unique learning experience that covers different topics each time. However, this may only count as a credit if applicable to your school and certification level. Also, please note that one congress cannot count as more than one credit. For example, if you attended congress as an elective requirement, and it is a requirement for the next certificate program, you must either attend another congress or take a different elective in its place to earn the next level certificate.

Q: Why should I complete the certificate program?
A: USA Gymnastics believes that education is important to providing quality conditions and training environments for gymnastics participants. Safety, child development, correct skill technique, injury prevention, conditioning and progressions, and overall athlete preparation are just some of the areas of education that will help coaches, instructors, judges, and administrators provide safe, fun environments for all. The certificate program helps to prepare gymnastics professionals for their role in the sport and raise the level of the sport across the country. By earning certificates you are refreshing and expanding your knowledge and highlighting your professional credentials. * In the 2013-2014 competitive season USA Gymnastics Rules and Policies requires all coaches participating in a sanctioned event to have a minimum certificate level of Instructor (U100 Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction Course).

Q: How do I get started with my the certificate program?
A: First, become a member of USA Gymnastics! You must be a member to enter the university. Begin with U100 Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction as it is a required course for all schools within the university.

Q: Do my courses need to be completed within one year to earn a certificate?
A: No, the courses can be done over any period of time.

Q: Can I take courses in levels above the certificate level I am working on?
A: Yes, you can work ahead and these courses will count toward the appropriate certificate program.

Q: If I choose as an elective course as a course that is a required course in other certificate programs, does it count?
A: Yes, the elective course will be applied to the required course; however you must then take another elective. If a certificate program required four courses then four unique courses must be applied. A course counts only one time for course credit. If you repeat a course, such as camps, or congresses, this can count as additional courses. One course cannot count for two different requirements.

Q: Will USA Gymnastics be mailing me a certificate?
A: No. You can also go to our website, log in, and go to “My Profile” page, which will allow you to print your certificate.