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Temple University broke the 3.5 grade point average barrier and in the process moved up one notch from last year’s second place finish to become the 2011 national academic team champions for men’s gymnastics with an outstanding combined grade point average of 3.519. Minnesota narrowly edged out William and Mary to finish in second place while Springfield and defending champion Michigan finished fourth and fifth, respectively. Penn State, Illinois-Champaign, California-Berkeley, Army, and Stanford rounded out the top ten. The College Gymnastics Association’s top 15 academic teams are:

1. Temple – 3.519 6. Penn State –  3.161
2. Minnesota – 3.335 7. Illinois-Champaign –  3.118
3. William and Mary –  3.309 8. California-Berkeley –  3.116
4. Springfield –  3.256 9. Army –  2.985
5. Michigan –  3.203 10. Stanford –  2.959
11 – Navy, 12 –  Air Force, 13 –  Nebraska, 14 –  Illinois-Chicago, 15 –  Iowa.

The College Gymnastics Association has also honored 69 individual gymnasts as 2011 first team All-America Scholar-Athletes for attaining at least a 3.50 grade point average and 63 second team All-American Scholar-Athletes for attaining a grade point average between 3.2 and 3.499. Five gymnasts have been designated first team Academic All-American Scholar-Athletes for all four years of their eligibility by the College Gymnastics Association: Benjamin Baldus-Strauss from Michigan, Matthew Holmes from William and Mary, Jesse Kitzen-Abelson from Temple, Ian Makowski from Michigan, and David Mohr from the University of Illinois-Chicago.

The 69 first team All-American Scholar-Athletes are:

With 4.0 grade point average: Lukasz Adamczyk, Illinois-Chicago; Nathanael Gessner, Navy; Jesse Kitzen-Abelson, Temple; Ian Makowske, Michigan; David Mohr, Illinois-Chicago; Timothy Monaco, Springfield; Miguel Pineda, Penn State; and Chad Weist, Illinois-Champaign.

3.90-3.999 grade point average: Blake Collins, Temple; Joseph Carlson, Springfield; Adam Al-Rokh, Temple; Logan Wyman, Penn State, Alexander McCabe, Springfield; Devan Cote, Michigan; Benjamin Baldus-Strauss, Michigan; Michael Newburger, Ohio State; Scott Bloomfield, Temple; Travis Myers, Air Force; and Brett Statman, Temple.

3.80-3.899 grade point average: Alex Tighe, Temple; Scott Rosenthal, Penn State; Patrick Piscitelli, Oklahoma; Taylor Brana, Temple; Eric Haeussler, California; Chris Mooney, Temple; Abhinav Ramani, Stanford. Kelvin Soares, Springfield; Kasey Shields, Springfield; and Kyle Moe, Illinois-Champaign.

3.70-3.799 grade point average: Zachery Aguiar, Temple; Joshua Fox, Springfield; Daniel Potemski, William and Mary; Matthew Holmes, William and Mary; DJ Repp, Minnesota; Felix Aronovich, Penn State; Wyatt Baier, Nebraska; Daniel Geri, California; Patrick McLaughlin, Temple; Ian Crider, Springfield; and Michael Killeen, Nebraska.

3.60-3.699 grade point average: Gabriel Alvarado, Stanford; Jacob Houder, Air Force; Jesse Moravec, Minnesota; James Pezzino, Springfield; Alex Varga, Illinois-Champaign; Mark Ringle, Nebraska; David Ellis, William and Mary; Garrett DeSantis, Springfield; Russell Dabritz, Minnesota; and Travis Heaver, Minnesota.

3.50-3.599 grade point average: Garrek Hojan-Clark, Army; Micah Christensen, Nebraska; Matthew Del Junco, California; Michael Paulus, Minnesota; Aaron Ingram, Navy; Javier Balboa, Iowa; Jeff Zack, Temple; Aronne Schottstaedt, Michigan; Bryan Del Castillo, California; Stephen Deutsch, William and Mary; Quazi Caesar, Michigan; Patrick Duffy, Air Force; David Tilley, Springfield; Justin Morinishi, Minnesota; Kip Webber, Army; Christopher Jost, Springfield; Joshua Van Bourg, California; Greg Fearnley, Army; and Ian Jackson, Oklahoma.

The 63 second team All-American Scholar-Athletes are:

3.40-3.499 grade point average: Jeffrey White, Springfield; Kristopher Yeager, William and Mary; Michael Hillin, Minnesota; Rosario Cameratta, Minnesota; Gabriel Kadar, Illinois-Chicago; Anthony Sacramento, Illinois-Champaign; Samuel Wright, Iowa; Ingvar Jochumsson, Penn State; Daniel Culpepper, California; Jacob Jizrawi, California; Nicholas Fettinger, Army; Steven Legendre, Oklahoma; Aaron Eyster, Illinois-Chicago; Donothan Bailey, California; Maxwell Portocarrero, Illinois-Champaign; Chase Brown, Army; Matthew Burns, William and Mary; Andrew Vance, Michigan; and Landon Funiciello, William and Mary.

3.30-3.399 grade point average: Jordan Nolff, Stanford; Nicholas Noone, Stanford; Andreaqs hofer, Nebraska; James Zaiser, Air Force; Matt Chelberg, Penn State; Adam Hamers, Michigan; Evan Burke, Temple; Dennis Mannhart, California; James Fosco, Stanford; Joshua Wokurka, Minnesota; Sean Regan, Ohio State; Kyle Sneeden, William and Mary; Adrian Evans, Penn State; Jean Montecarlo, California; Derek Kvedar, Air Force; Dashiell Sears, Temple; Adam Kern, Minnesota; Paul Hichwa, Stanford; John Leonard, Temple; Matthew Frey, Minnesota; Nahir Kothari, Penn State; Rohan Sebastian, Michigan; Raion Sabo, California; Matt Albrecht, Penn State; Ned-Daniel Kamimura, Illinois-Chicago; and Kevin Fraser, Michigan.

3.20-3.299 grade point average: Cameron Foreman, Stanford; John Hoey, Army; Anthony Naddour, Oklahoma; Cole Smith, Illinois-Champaign; Miles Raque, Penn State; Zachary Chase, Minnesota; Brandan Jones, Ohio State; Dylan Parrott, Navy; Mikhail Koudinov, Ohio State; Cameron Rogers, Illinois-Champaign; Brandon Wynn, Ohio State; Kevin, Miner, Springfield; Matthew McGrath, Iowa; Warren Yang, Penn State; Ryan Lieberman, Stanford; Todd Becker, Iowa; Matthew Freeman, Michigan; and John Laing, Ohio State.