INDIANAPOLIS, May 7, 2017 – Twelve U.S. Junior Olympic all-around champions were crowned during the two days of competition at the 2017 Women’s Junior Olympic National Championships at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Level 10 is the highest level in the Junior Olympic program, which is just under the elite level.

The Junior Olympic National Championships is the culmination event for the competitive season. The competition features 12 age divisions (Junior A, Junior B, Junior C, Junior D, Junior E, Junior F, Senior A, Senior B, Senior C, Senior D, Senior E and Senior F), which are determined by birth date.

The junior and senior all-around and event champions, as well as the regional team champion, for each division are listed below.

  • Junior A: all-around – Leanne Wong of Great American Gymnastics Express, 37.950; vault – Selena Harris of Gymcats Gymnastics, 9.775; uneven bars – Sydney Morris of 1st Class Gymnastics, 9.625; balance beam – Claire Dean of Head Over Heels, 9.575; floor exercise – Faith Torrez of Scamps Gymnastics, 9.575; and team – Region 1, 151.700.
  • Senior A: all-around – Kai Rivers of Twistars USA, 38.525; vault – Rivers, 9.875; uneven bars – Rivers, 9.700; balance beam – Payton Richards of Aerial Gymnastics Club and Jenna Dunn of Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy, 9.525; floor exercise – Chloe Widner of Texas Dreams and Adela Stonecipher of Flips Texas, 9.675; and team, Region 1, 151.650.
  • Junior B: all-around – Aleah Finnegan of GAGE, 38.300; vault – Taylor Hipolito of AIM, 9.800; uneven bars – Ella Cesario of Legacy Elite and Alexis Jeffrey of GAGE, 9.625; balance beam – Lauren Pearl of Brestyan’s American Gymnastics, 9.650; floor exercise – Hipolito and Danielle Sievers of All American Gymnastics Academy, 9.600; and team – Region 3, 152.200.
  • Senior B: all-around – Makarri Doggette of Buckeye Gymnastics, 38.750; vault – Doggette, 9.850; uneven bars – Cristal Isa of Gymcats, 9.700; balance beam – Rachel Baumann of WOGA, 9.725; floor exercise – Doggette, 9.750; and team – Region 1, 153.175.
  • Junior C: all-around – Quinn Smith of Arizona Sunrays, 38.000; vault – Smith, 9.800; uneven bars – Alyssa Al-Ashari of Twistars USA, 9.725; balance beam – Corinne Bunagan of ENA Paramus and Grace McCallum of Twin City Twisters, 9.575; floor exercise – McCallum, 9.600; and team – Region 5, 151.375.
  • Senior C: all-around – Maya Bordas of Capital Gymnastics (Texas) and Milan Clausi of Olympus, 38.425; vault – Abby Heiskell of Southeastern and Allie Stern of Perfect Balance Training Center, 9.850; uneven bars – Colby Miller of Perfection Gymnastics, 9.800; balance beam – Adrienne Randall of SCEGA, 9.650; floor exercise – Kaylee Quinn of North Stars, 9.700; and team – Region 7, 153.150.
  • Junior D: all-around – Haleigh Bryant of Everest Gymnastics, 38.550; vault – Bryant, 9.850; uneven bars – Carly Bauman of Chow’s Gymnastics, 9.750; balance beam – Colbi Flory of Texas Dreams, 9.700; floor exercise – Bryant, 9.675; and team – Region 1, 152.425.
  • Senior D: all-around – Abby Brenner of Metroplex Gymnastics, 38.750; vault – Natalie Wojcik of Stallone Gymnastics, 9.850; uneven bars – Brenner, 9.700; balance beam – Lauren Navarro of Charter Oak Gliders, 9.675; floor exercise – Brenner, 9.800; and team – Region 1, 154.025.
  • Junior E: all-around – Jillian Hoffman of SCEGA Gymnastics, 38.500; vault – JerQuavia Henderson of Gym Corner, 9.900; uneven bars – Hoffman and Rylie Mundell of Colorado Gymnastics Institute, 9.700; balance beam ¬– Luisa Blanco of WOGA Gymnastics, 9.650; floor exercise – Hoffman, 9.750; and team – Region 3, 152.850.
  • Senior E: all-around – Rachael Flam of Stars Gymnastics, 38.625; vault – Flam and Anastasia Webb of IGI, 9.900; uneven bars – Emma Hartzler of Iowa Gym Academy and Kennedy Johnson of Gymstars, 9.725; balance beam – Belle Huang of Excellence Gym Sports, 9.600; floor exercise ¬– Flam and Evy Schoepfer of Triad, 9.725; and team ¬– Region 3, 153.350.
  • Junior F: all-around – Matilyn Waligora of Olympia Gymnastics Academy, 38.575; vault – Cassie Stevens of Arizona Sunrays and Gabryel Wilson of Olympia Gymnastics Academy, 9.875; uneven bars – Grace Evans of Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta, 9.675; balance beam – Helen Hu of IK Gymnastics,9.625; floor exercise – Waligora, 9.725; and team – Region 5, 153.225.
  • Senior F: all-around – Nia Dennis of Legacy Elite Gymnastics, 38.000; vault – Lexi Graber of Coast Elite Gymnastics Academy, 10.000; uneven bars – Nina Schank of Head Over Heels, 9.750; balance beam – Lexy Ramler of KidSport, 9.800; floor exercise – Kyana George of Metroplex Gymnastics, 9.825; and team – Region 4, 153.425.

The top four all-around athletes in each age division qualified to the 2017 Junior Olympic National Team and were invited to attend a national training camp.

USA Gymnastics has eight regions, and the states that comprise each region are: Region 1 — Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah; Region 2 – Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington; Region 3 – Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming; Region 4 – Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin; Region 5 – Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio; Region 6 – Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont; Region 7 – Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia; and Region 8 – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

USA Gymnastics hosted the event. Indianapolis has served as the headquarters for USA Gymnastics since 1983.

Based in Indianapolis, USA Gymnastics is the national governing body for gymnastics in the United States. Its mission is to encourage participation and the pursuit of excellence in the sport. Its disciplines include men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, acrobatic gymnastics and group gymnastics. For more complete information, log on to