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William and Mary claimed the national academic championship with the highest recorded grade point average since the inception of the team award in 1991. The Tribe’s 3.622 broke the record of 3.616 set by Cornell in 1993. Defending champion Stanford finished second with a 3.368 team grade point average with Minnesota, Navy, and Springfield rounding out the top five. The top 10 included Nebraska, Michigan, Oklahoma, Temple, and Penn State. William and Mary and Stanford have each won six national team academic titles. The College Gymnastics Association’s top 10 academic teams are:

  1. William and Mary – 3.622
  2. Stanford – 3.368
  3. Minnesota – 3.332
  4. Navy – 3.304
  5. Springfield – 3.249
  6. Nebraska – 3.207
  7. Michigan – 3.105
  8. Oklahoma – 3.097
  9. Temple – 3.080
  10. Penn State – 3.024

Honorable Mention: Illinois-Champaign, Iowa, Ohio State, Illinois-Chicago, Air Force, California, and Army.

The College Gymnastics Association has also honored 77 individual gymnasts as 2014 first team All-America Scholar-Athletes for attaining at least a 3.50 grade point average and 63 second team All-American Scholar-Athletes for attaining a grade point average between 3.2 and 3.499. Seven gymnasts have been designated first team Academic All-American Scholar-Athletes for all four years of their eligibility by the College Gymnastics Association: Aronne Schottstaedt and Quazi Syque Caesar from Michigan, Eric Schryver from Nebraska, Alex Varga from Illinois-Champaign, Michael Newburger from Ohio State, and Daniel Potemski from William and Mary.

The 77 first team All-American Scholar-Athletes are:

  • 4.0 grade point average: Nathan Fortunato, Minnesota; Patrick Ryther, Springfield; Michael Newburger, Ohio State, and Jonathan Zirna, Springfield.
  • 3.90-3.999 grade point averages: Dennis Zaremski, Stanford; Ethan Lottman, Nebraska; Sam Patterson, William and Mary; Nicholas Tagliaferro, Ohio State; Andrew Grabowski, Springfield; Landon Funiciello, William and Mary; Joshua Gong, Navy, Joshua Steves, Navy; Michael Levy, Stanford; and Emeric Quade, Ohio State.
  • 3.80-3.899 grade point averages: Eric Schryver, Nebraska; Ryan Irick, Nebraska; Cyrus Dobre-Mofid, Iowa; Jack Metcalf, Minnesota; Mat Turnansky, William and Mary; Patrick Hanley, Springfield; Connor Westrick, Navy; Michael Wilner, Illinois-Champaign; Jonathan Deaton, Stanford, Peter Ten Eyck, William and Mary; Brian Cogan, Springfield; Steffen Beck, Minnesota; and Connor Venrick, Army.
  • 3.70-3.799 grade point averages: Josh Ungar, Nebraska, Adrian Evans, Penn State, Matthew Freeman Michigan; Brendan Williams, Temple; Ethan Jose, Oklahoma; David Frick, Navy; Quazi Caesar, Michigan; Daniel Potemski, William and Mary; Jacoby Rubin, Oklahoma; Eric Poletti, Navy; Spencer Smith, Minnesota; Neal Courter, William and Mary; Japheth Grimes, Illinois-Chicago; and Joseph Peters, Illinois-Champaign.
  • 3.60-3.699 grade point average: Brian Knott, Stanford; Wayne LaPointe, Navy; Ian Grinaski, Navy; Futa Ikeda, William and Mary; Keaton Ackerman, William and Mary; Ryan Ponce, Springfield; Paul Hichwa, Stanford; Alex Varga, Illinois-Champaign; Alec Robin, Oklahoma; Derek Taranto, Springfield, Cameron Backes, Stanford; Mikhail Koudinov, Ohio State; Lukasz Adamczyk, Illinois-Chicago; Aronne Schottstaedt, Michigan; Tanner Dowell, California; Aria Sabbagh, William and Mary; Cory Paterson, Iowa; Travis Burke, Illinois-Chicago; Misha Kustin, Temple; and Presten Ellsworth, Oklahoma.
  • 3.50-3.599 grade point average: Kevin Fraser, Michigan; Michael Deitz, William and Mary; Logan Bradley, Illinois-Champaign; Jason Wang, William and Mary; Michael Bittner, Temple; Thao Viet Hoang, Oklahoma; Nolan Novak, Michigan; Kevin Tran, California; Tim Lebbossiere, Springfield; Sean Bauer, Minnesota, James Henin, Springfield; Sam Wright, Minnesota; Charles Baldi, Temple; Cameron Rogers, Illinois-Champaign, CJ Schaaf, Nebraska; and Michael Brackmann, Illinois-Chicago.

The 63 second team All-American Scholar-Athletes are:

  • 3.40-3.499 grade point averages: David Spanier, Iowa; Konner Ackerman, Michigan; Akash Modi, Stanford; Christopher Stephenson, Air Force; Ellis Mannon, Minnesota; Jake Martin, Ohio State; Allan Bower, Oklahoma; John Scallon, Minnesota; David Frankl, Stanford; Samuel Docherty, Springfield; Dylan Akers, Oklahoma; Jason Gaides, Illinois-Chicago; Grady Cooper, Temple; and Patrick Duffy, Air Force.
  • 3.30-3.399 grade point averages: Dominic DiFulvio, Penn State; Stacey Ervin, Michigan; Maximilian Mayr, Illinois-Champaign; Taylor Harrower, Michigan; Cale Robinson, Stanford; Scott Haddaway, Temple; Donothan Bailey, California; Justin Morinishi, Minnesota; Andrew Potts, Navy; Adam Kern Minnesota; Jordan Gaarenstroom, Michigan; Dylan James, Michigan; Preston Gall, Penn State; Matthew McGrath, Iowa; Daniel Berardini, Oklahoma; Nicholas Hunter, Michigan; Josh Wokurka, Minnesota; Zachary Chase, Minnesota; Craig Hernandez, Penn State; J. J. Jindra, William and Mary; Joseph Capobianco, Springfield; Andrew McCabe, Stanford; Jacob Tilsley, Illinois-Champaign; Kyle Reasoner, Springfield; Ryan Patterson, California; Steven Jaciuk, Minnesota; Ingvar Jochumsson, Penn State; Grant Perdue, Nebraska; and Andrew Rickly, Ohio State.
  • 3.20-3.299 grade point averages: Conor Galvin, Springfield; Sean Senters, Stanford; Alex Nork, Ohio State; Austin Epperson, Nebraska; Mark Vaccaro, Temple; Daniel Dibenedetto, Minnesota; Sammy Chamberlain, Nebraska; Ryan Kearns, Springfield; Tucker McClure, Springfield; Andrew Botto, Iowa; Donovan Arndt, Nebraska; Zach Hedval, Nebraska; William Albert, Iowa; Michael Squires, Oklahoma; Franz Card, Penn State; Eric Morrison, Navy; Kip Webber, Army; John Patrick Henley, Temple; Kevin Baker, Stanford; Kevin Wolting, California; and Jonathan Spiro, Air Force.