Sept. 14, 2020 – The College Gymnastics Association is rolling out the STRONGER TOGETHER CAMPAIGN, a nationwide fundraising program to help the college programs survive. The link to the Stronger Together Campaign can be found here and we ask you all to visit it, read through the details of the campaign, and make a decision to donate to the program of your choice. You may also make a donation the CGA as well. The money will be deposited in the CGA account as we proceed with the campaign. Then 95% of what is raised will go back to the program, with 0.6% staying in the CGA the start building an emergency fund as well as a fund to help college gymnastics growth initiatives while 4.4% covers processing fees for the donations. Several programs have opted to have their donations go directly to their dedicated men’s gymnastics funds within their departments.

On Saturday, September 19, which is also National Gymnastics Day, college programs will be joining together in the Perfect 10 Push-up challenge, creating a symbol of strength and unity among the remaining college programs. By working together, we can become STRONGER TOGETHER. With the ravishing effects of Covid-19, college gymnastics program are teetering on the brink of financial ruin. If each of us can cast a wide net to our extended networks with a plea for help, we believe we can raise enough money to have a positive impact on every program still in existence.

Don’t hesitate, find a way to create the solution to the financial problems we’ve been dealing with since the middle of March. Thank you in advance for your generosity and passion to keep our sport alive.