Mackenzie Caquatto
© John Cheng

TOYOTA CITY, Japan, Dec. 12, 2009 — Mackenzie Caquatto of Naperville, Ill., won the uneven bars silver medal at the 2009 Toyota International Gymnastics Competition in Toyota City, Japan. The first day of competition featured three men’s and two women’s events, and the two-day event concludes on Sunday, Dec. 13.

Caquatto, who trains at Naperville Gymnastics, came in second on uneven bars with a total of 14.675. Japan’s Koko Tsurumi won the gold with a 15.100 while Australia’s Larrissa Miller was third at 14.675. Kytra Hunter of Frederick, Md./Hill’s Gymnastics, posted a 14.050.

The other champions on Saturday were Kohei Uchimura of Japan, floor exercise; Zhang Hongtao of China, pommel horse; Yan Mingyong of China, still rings; and Ekaterina Kurbatova of Russia, vault. Tim Gentry of Plano, Texas/Stanford, University, was sixth on floor at 13.150, followed by Alex Buscaglia, Cary, Ill./Stanford University, at 13.000. Gentry also posted a 14.150 on still rings.

2009 Toyota International Gymnastics Competition
Dec. 12-13, 2009
Toyota City, Japan

Men’s events

Floor exercise
1. Kohei Uchimura, Japan, 15.600
2. Matthias Fahrig, Germany, 15.325
3. Makoto Okiguchi, Japan, 15.250
U.S. finishes
6. Tim Gentry, Plano, Texas/Stanford, University, 13.150
7. Alex Buscaglia, Cary, Ill./Stanford University, 13.000

Pommel horse
1. Zhang Hongtao, China, 16.250
2. Prshanth Sellathurai, Australia, 15.900
3. Krisztian Berki, Hungary, 15.400

Still rings
1. Yan Mingyong, China, 15.900
2. Konstantin Pluzhnikov, Russia, 15.525
3. Yoo Won Chul, Korea, 15.375
U.S. finish
8. Tim Gentry, Plano, Texas/Stanford, University, 14.150

Women’s events

1. Ekaterina Kurbatova, Russia, 14.012
2. Jo Hyun Joo, Korea, 13.750
3. Katarzyna Jurkowska, Poland, 13.162

Uneven bars
1. Koko Tsurumi, Japan, 15.100
2. Mackenzie Caquatto, Naperville, Ill./Naperville Gymnastics Club, 14.675
3. Larrissa Miller, Australia, 14.650
Other U.S. finish
9. Kytra Hunter, Frederick, Md./Hill’s Gymnastics, 14.050