USA Gymnastics is seeking nominations for Program representatives to the Board of Directors. Nominees must be USA Gymnastics members in good standing. Specific criteria for each discipline’s nominee are listed below.

    Women – Individual must have coached an elite National Team member within the last 8 years.

    Men – Individual must have actively coached an athlete at the Winter Cup Challenge or National Championships within the last 8 years or been a member of the Men’s Program Committee within the last 8 years.

    Acrobatic Gymnastics – Individual must have served a minimum of two years as a member of the Acrobatics Program Committee within the last quadrennium and/or previously served on a Standing Committee of the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors.

    Rhythmic – Individual must have served as a member of the Rhythmic Program Committee within the last two quadrenniums.

    Trampoline & Tumbling – Individual must be a current member of the Trampoline & Tumbling Program Committee, Elite Program Committee, J.O. Program Committee or Technical Committee.

Candidates will be announced online and in Technique magazine and elections will commence on November 26th. Nominations will be accepted until October 5th via email to [email protected] and must contain the following information:

Your name:_______________________
Name of nominee: ________________________
Discipline: _____________________

Send the above information in an email or download a PDF form and send it back to the email above.