INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 13, 20005 – Clare Brunson of Riverside, Calif., and Michael Rodrigues of Livermore, Calif., headline the 2005-06 acrobatic gymnastics senior national team, which was announced after the conclusion of the Acrobatic Gymnastics National Team Trials, held in conjunction with the 2005 Visa Championships in Indianapolis.

Others who made the senior national team are women’s group – Angela Hatch of Pleasanton, Calif., Mariah Henninger of Livermore, Calif., and Kelly Topp of Pleasanton, Calif., who compete for Wings USA; and men’s pair – Northern California Sports Academy’s Julian Amaro of Pleasanton, Calif., and Tyler Spray of Livermore, Calif. Both teams earned all-around gold medals at the Acrobatic Gymnastics National Team Trials.
Andre Solodar of San Jose, Calif., and Xiau-Ling Wee of Monte Sereno, Calif., who compete for Paramount Tumbling & Acro Gymnastics, also earned a spot on the senior national team with their silver-medal performance mixed pairs at the team trials.
The junior national team members are Wings U.S.A. women’s group Carleen daSilva of Castro Valley, Calif., Cassidy Dolstra of Tracy, Calif., and Allysha Kidd of Livermore, Calif., who won the all-around gold medal in the junior division.
Brunson and Rodrigues won the all-around mixed pairs gold medal at both the national team trials and the Acrobatic Gymnastics National Championships, July 21-29 in Louisville, Ky. They also competed at the World Games in Duisburg, Germany, earlier in July. Rodrigues points to the full schedule as a factor in their success.
“For nationals we were actually competing right before at the World Games so we really just trained for that and then carried it over to national championships and team trials,” Rodrigues said.
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List of Acrobatic Gymnastics national team members

Senior team
Julian Amaro, Northern California Sports Academy, Pleasanton, Calif.
Clare Brunson, Empire, Riverside, Calif.
Angela Hatch, Wings USA, Pleasanton, Calif.
Mariah Henninger, Wings USA, Livermore, Calif.
Michael Rodrigues, Empire, Livermore, Calif.
Andre Solodar, Paramount Tumbling & Acro Gymnastics, San Jose, Calif.
Tyler Spray, Northern California Sports Academy, Livermore, Calif.
Kelly Topp, Wings USA, Pleasanton, Calif.
Xiau-Ling Wee, Paramount Tumbling & Acro Gymnastics, Monte Sereno, Calif.
unior team

Carleen daSilva, Wings USA, Castro Valley, Calif.
Cassidy Dolstra, Wings USA, Tracy, Calif.
Allysha Kidd, Wings USA, Livermore, Calif.

2005 Acrobatic Gymnastics National Team Trials results

    Elite Competition

    Men’s pair
    1. 1. Julian Amaro, Pleasanton, Calif., and Tyler Spray, Livermore, Calif., Northern California Sports Academy, 83.323
    Mixed pair
    1. 1. Clare Brunson, Riverside, Calif. and Michael Rodrigues, Livermore, Calif., Empire, 86.002
    2. 2. Andre Solodar, San Jose, Calif., and Xiau-Ling Wee, Monte Sereno, Calif., Paramount Tumbling & Acro Gymnastics, 81.480
    3. 3. Jon Gaiter, Riverside, Calif., and Holly Middag, Riverside, Calif., Empire, 78.240
    Women’s group
    1. 1. Angela Hatch, Pleasanton, Calif.; Mariah Henninger, Livermore, Calif.; and Kelly Topp, Pleasanton, Calif.; Wings USA, 83.825
    Men’s group
    1. 1. Jake Kanavel, San Jose, Calif.; Lukas Martincik, Milpitas, Calif.; Kevin Smith, San Jose, Calif.; Andre Solodar, San Jose, Calif.; Paramount Tumbling & Acro Gymnastics, 75.383

    Junior elite competition

    Men’s pair
    1. 1. Lukas Martincik, Milpitas, Calif., and Ting-Tien Wee, Monte Sereno, Calif., Paramount and Tumbling Acro Gymnastics 77.217
    Women’s group
    1. 1. Carleen daSilva, Castro Valley, Calif.; Cassidy Dolstra, Tracy, Calif.; and Allysha Kidd, Livermore, Calif.,;Wings USA, 81.430
    2. 2. Karilynn Rockhill, Clarksburg, Md.; Melissa Summers, Dickerson, Md.; and Nicole Summers, Dickerson, Md.; Skyview Gymnastics, 80.733

    Level 10 competition

    Women’s group
    1. 1. Jessica Geppert, Eldersburg, Md.; Jessica Guiel, Gaithersburg, Md.; and Kaitlyn Hilton, Ellicott City, Md.; TOPS, 54.833
    2. 2. Audra Gustin, Kearney, Mo.; Kim Hall, Bethany, Mo.; Courtney Miles, Kearney, Mo.; Rising Star Acrobatic Club, 51.350

    Level 9 competition

    Mixed pair
    1. 1. Emily Kleine, Springboro, Ohio, and Shae Pridemore, Liberty Township, Ohio, Hand 2 Hand, 54.500
    2. 2. Scott Hall, Kearney, Mo., and Katie Weidmaier, Holt, Mo., Rising Star Acrobatic Club, 51.433
    Women’s group
    1. 1. Kayla Huesgen, Rosebud, Mo.; Amber Kottwitz, Owensville, Mo.; and Ariel Walsh, Owensville, Mo., Mid America Acro & Tumbling Team, 54.200
    2. 2. Makaela Bogawitz, El Dorado Hills, Calif.; Caitlin Cusano, El Dorado Hills, Calif.; and Paula Kidwell, Fair Oaks, Calif., California AcroSports Team, 52.800
    3. 3. Mallory Henthorn, Indepedence, Mo., Brooke Mummaw, Blue Springs, Mo. and Lauren Wait, Blue Springs, Mo., 51.433
    4. 4. Ravenne Eschette, Belle Chasse, La.; Melanie Gaudin, Belle Chasse, La.; Kelsey May, Belle Chasse, La., Fliptastics, 27.433

    Level 8 competition

    Women’s pair
    1. 1. Megan Clemons, Owensville, Mo. and Sydni Krause, Bland, Mo., Mid America Acro & Tumbling Team, 53.600
    2. 2. Mallory Henthorn, Indepedence, Mo. and Savannah Shields, Grain Valley, Mo., Acro Explosion, 52.600
    3. 3. Laura Ames, Mt Airy, Md., and Lisa Ramsburg, Ijamsville, Md., Skyview Gymnastics, 49.150
    4. 4. Amanda Gragg, Blue Springs, Mo., and Megan Muehlberger, Blue Springs, Mo., Acro Explosion, 48.633
    5. 5. Kim Gray, Mt Airy, Md., and Allison Komara, Mt Airy, Md., Skyview Gymnastics, 47.900
    Mixed pair
    1. 1. Alex Porter, Kearney, Mo., and Arielle Ziegler, Lathrop, Mo., Rising Star Acrobatic Club, 53.933
    Women’s group
    1. 1. Rochelle Belloir, Owensville, Mo.; Megan Clemons, Owensville, Mo.; and Tia Stone, Belle, Mo., Rising Star Acrobatic Club, 53.467
    2. 2. Kimberly Carmichael, Mt Airy, Md.; Kayleigh Komara, Mt. Airy, Md.; and Lisa Ramsburg, Ijamsville, Md.; Skyview Gymnastics, 52.400
    3. 3. Briana Case, Blue Springs, Mo.; Stephanie Erteld, Blue Springs, Mo.; and Erika Gragg, Blue Springs, Mo.; Acro Explosion, 49.633
    4. 4. Amanda Gragg, Blue Springs, Mo.; Mia Medina, Lee’s Summit, Mo; and Allison Mock, Blue Springs, Mo.; Acro Explosion, 48.567
    5. 5. Ashley Mummaw, Blue Springs, Mo.; Maesyn Umstattd, Blue Springs, Mo.; and Chloe Wait, Blue Springs, Mo.; Acro Explosion,