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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., June 21, 2017 – The United States Olympic Committee today announced its annual award recipients for 2016 national coaches of the year. Aimee Boorman of Saraota, Fla., coach of 2016 Olympic all-around champion Simone Biles, was named Co-National Coach of the Year, and Kim Zmeskal-Burdette of Houston, Texas, coach of 2016 Olympic alternate and 2017 American Cup champion Ragan Smith, was recognized as Developmental Coach of the Year.

National Governing Bodies selected their 2016 Coaches of the Year as part of the USOC Coach of the Year Recognition Program. Three national finalists in each category were selected by a panel of coaching and sport education professionals.

Boorman, personal coach to four-time Olympic champion Simone Biles, also served as the 2016 head coach for the gold-medal-winning U.S. Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team. Under Boorman’s direction, Team USA became the first U.S. squad to defend its gold medal in the team competition and the first team to win back-to-back Olympic golds since Romania did so in 2000 and 2004. The team secured gold with 184.897 points – more than eight points over second-place Russia. Boorman also guided Biles in becoming the most decorated U.S. gymnast in history with 19 career world and Olympic medals. In Rio, Biles became the first American gymnast to win four golds at a single Games and one of only four women to accomplish the feat in Olympic history.

Zmeskal-Burdette led athletes to numerous national and international titles in Junior Olympic, junior elite, and senior elite competition in 2016, including 10 medals at the 2016 Junior Olympic National Championships. Under her direction, U.S. national team member Emma Malabuyo won eight medals – including three golds – on the international circuit, marking the most international medals of any U.S. junior elite gymnast in 2016. Zmeskal also oversaw the development of Ragan Smith, who was named an alternate for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team.

The other 2016 award recipients are: Geno Auriemma (basketball), National Coach of the Year; Adam Bleakney (Paralympic track and field), Paralympic National Coach of the Year; Tom Miller (speedskating), Volunteer Coach of the Year; and Derek Davis (archery), Doc Councilman Science Award.

All-Time USOC Coach of the Year Award Recipients

National Coach of the Year
The National Coach of the Year is presented to a coach of an elite-level club, collegiate or national-level team, or the coach of an elite athlete who competes at the highest level of his/her sport.

    1996 – Tara VanDerveer, U.S. Olympic Women’s Basketball Coach
    1997 – Frank Carroll, Olympic figure skating coach of Michelle Kwan
    1998 – Ben Smith, U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey coach
    1999 – Chris Carmichael, Cycling Coach of Lance Armstrong
    2000 – Richard Quick, U.S. Olympic Women’s Swimming Team coach
    2001-02 – Pete del’Giudice, U.S. Snowboarding coach
    2003 – Lloyd Woodhouse, USA Shooting National Team coach
    2004 – Mike Candrea, U.S. Softball Women’s National Team coach
    2005 – Eddie Reese, U.S. Men’s National Swimming Team coach
    2006 – Bud Keene, U.S. Snowboarding coach
    2007 – Guy Baker, U.S. National Water Polo Team coach
    2008 – Hugh McCutcheon, U.S. Men’s National Volleyball Team coach
    2009 – Bob Bradley, U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team coach
    2010 – Brian Shimer, U.S. men’s bobsled head coach
    2011 – Rick Bower, U.S. Halfpipe Snowboarding Team coach
    2012 – Adam Krikorian, U.S. Women’s National Water Polo Team coach
    2013 – Erik Flora, Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Club head coach
    2014 – Skogen Sprang, U.S. Slopestyle Skiing Team head coach
    2015 – Craig Parnham, U.S. Women’s National Field Hockey Team head coach
    2016 – Geno Auriemma, U.S. Olympic Women’s Basketball Team head coach
    2016 – Aimee Boorman, U.S. Olympic Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Team coach

Paralympic National Coach of the Year
The Paralympic National Coach of the Year is presented to a coach of an elite-level club, collegiate or national-level team, or the coach of an elite athlete who competes at the highest level of his/her sport.

    2004 – Mike Hulett, USA Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team coach
    2005 – Randi Smith, U.S. Paralympic Archery Team Head coach
    2006 – Julie O’Neill, U.S. Paralympic Swim Team head coach
    2007 – Adam Bleakney, U.S. Paralympic Wheelchair Track coach
    2008 – Ken Armbruster, U.S. Paralympic Women’s Goalball head coach
    2009 – Scott Moore, Denver Judo coach
    2010 – Ray Watkins, 2010 U.S. Paralympic Alpine Ski Team coach
    2011 – Dave Denniston, U.S. Paralympic Swimming head coach
    2012 – Tom Franke, U.S. Paralympic Swimming head coach
    2013 – Adam Bleakney, U.S. Paralympic Track & Field coach
    2014 – Brian Loeffler, Swimming, U.S. Paralympic Swimming Team coach
    2015 – John Devorss, Salem Tennis and Swim Club
    2016 – Adam Bleakney, U.S. Paralympic Track and Field coach

Developmental Coach of the Year
The Developmental Coach of the Year is presented to a coach at the youth club, high school or junior level, or a coach who is directly responsible for training athletes to reach the junior and/or elite level.

    1996 – Jeff Shaffer, University of Southern California
    1997 – Dianne Holum, Speedskating
    1998 – Mike Stafford, Millvale Golden Gloves Gym
    1999 – Tom Healy, Northbrook Speedskating Club
    2000 – Fred Zimny, Luge
    2001-02 – Mike Eaves, U.S. National Under-18 Hockey Team
    2003 – Bob Fraley, Fresno State University Track and Field
    2004 – Dwayne Miller, Norfolk Real Deal Track Club
    2005 – Tammy Gambill, U.S. Figure Skating
    2006 – Mark Mitchell and Peter Johansson, U.S. Figure Skating
    2007 – Paul Yetter, USA Swimming
    2008 – Rajul Sheth, Table Tennis
    2009 – John Wingfield, Director and Head Coach of USA Diving National Training Center
    2010 – Michael Nyitray, United States Bowling Congress
    2011 – James Hrbek, USA Judo
    2012 – Michael Nyitray, United States Bowling Congress
    2013 – Kathleen Johnston, USA Triathlon
    2014 – George Ryals, Archery Learning Center
    2015 – Brett Wolf, Menomonee Judo Club
    2016 – Kim Zmeskal-Burdette, USA Gymnastics

Volunteer Coach of the Year
The Volunteer Coach of the Year is presented to a coach who does not receive payment in any form for his/her involvement in coaching at any level.

    2003 – Carol Hardemon, Metro Dade Track Club
    2004 – Barry Hunter, Washington, D.C. Boxing coach
    2005 – Cindi Hart, IndySpeed Sport Club head coach (speedskating)
    2006 – Booker Woods, LA JETS head coach (track and field)
    2007 – Sherman Nelson, USA Taekwondo coach
    2008 – Rita Gladstone, Area Tennis League coordinator
    2009 – Brian McCutcheon, Oahu Taekwondo Center instructor
    2010 – Dave Farmer, Aurora Saracens Rugby Club coach
    2011 – Tom Waga, Brigham Young University Rugby coach
    2012 – Don Showalter, USA Basketball Men’s Developmental National Team coach
    2013 – Bienvenido “Benny” Roman, USA Boxing Training Camp coach
    2014 – Kathleen Stevenson, Oklahoma Storm Junior Olympic Archer Development Team coach
    2015 – Carl Cepuran, Glen Ellyn Speedskating
    2016 – Tom Miller, Adirondack Speedskating Club

Doc Counsilman Science Award
The Doc Counsilman Science Award recognizes a coach who utilizes scientific techniques and equipment as an integral part of his/her coaching methods or has created innovative ways to use sport science.

    2004 – Joe Vigil, USA Track & Field
    2005 – Dr. Kyle Pierce, USA Weightlifting
    2006 – Kate Arbour, U.S. Figure Skating
    2007 – Sean O’Neill, U.S. Paralympics Table Tennis
    2008 – Dave Bennett, USA Wrestling
    2009 – Heidi Thibert, U.S. Figure Skating and Edora Pool and Ice Center coach
    2010 – Dr. Grant Schaffner, U.S. Bobsled & Skeleton Federation
    2011 – Neal Henderson, USA Cycling
    2012 – Doug Eng, U.S. Tennis Association
    2013 – Gordon Uehling III, U.S. Tennis Association
    2014 – Dave Hamilton, U.S. Women’s National Field Hockey Team director of performance science
    2015 – Warren Pretorius, Tennis Analytics
    2016 – Derek Davis, USA Archery