Erin Blanchard (1st place) and Alaina Hebert (2nd place)

AACHEN, Germany, March 17, 2008 – Erin Blanchard of Lafayette, La., and Alaina Hebert of Broussard, La., placed first and second, respectively, in 18-and-older women’s trampoline at the Grenzland Cup in Aachen, Germany. Blanchard posted a score of 101.70 to edge Hebert’s 101.50. Chris Estrada of Lafayette, La., finished third in 18-and-older men’s trampoline with a score of 106.60. The Grenzland Cup was the first of four selection events where U.S. athletes can earn points to determine who will represent the USA in men’s and women’s trampoline at the 2008 Olympic Games.

The USA earned five additional top-10 finishes in the 18-and-older division. For the women, Alaina Williams of Amarillo, Texas, was fourth, Brittany Dircks of Orland Park, Ill., was seventh, and Amanda Bailey of Sundown, Texas, was eighth. On the men’s side, Steven Gluckstein of Atlantic Highlands, N.J., and Logan Dooley of Lake Forest, Calif., finished sixth and ninth, respectively. Also competing for the USA in 18-and-older men’s trampoline were Kyle Bowen of Middletown, N.J., Michael Devine of Winnebago, Ill., Sean Kennedy of Holland, Mass., and Ryan Walsh of Asheville, N.C.

In 15-17 year-old men’s trampoline, Jeffrey Gluckstein of Atlantic Highlands, N.J., finished fourth and Casey Gesuelli of Middletown, N.J., placed ninth. Also competing for the USA were Sarah Gandy of Paris, Texas (15-17 year-old women’s trampoline), Sydney Newman of El Dorado Hills, Calif. (14-and-younger women’s trampoline), and Ronald Jacobson of Rocklin, Calif. (14-and-younger men’s trampoline).

The Grenzland Cup featured nearly 300 athletes in men’s and women’s trampoline in three age divisions: 18-and-older, athletes born in or before 1990; 15-17 year-old, athletes born from 1991-93; and 14-and-under, athletes born in or after 1994.

2008 Grenzland Cup
Aachen, Germany
March 15, 2008

18-and-older (born in or before 1990)
Women’s trampoline
1. Erin Blanchard, USA, 101.70
2. Alaina Hebert, USA, 101.50
3. Jessica Simon, Germany, 99.70
Other U.S. finish
4. Alaina Williams, USA, 99.70
7. Brittany Dircks, USA, 96.60
8. Amanda Bailey, USA, 92.90

Men’s trampoline
1. Flavio Cannone, Italy, 109.00
2. Peter Jensen, Denmark, 108.10
3. Chris Estrada, USA, 106.60
Other U.S. finish
6. Steven Gluckstein, USA, 104.00
9. Logan Dooley, USA, 65.40
11. Michael Devine, USA, 65.20
15. Ryan Walsh, USA, 60.70
20. Sean Kennedy, USA, 59.00
41. Kyle Bowen, USA, 36.20

15-17 year old (born from 1991-93)
Women’s trampoline
1. Christina Sainz, Spain, 95.70
2. Alberte Breinholt, Denmark, 89.40
3. Laura Garcia, Spain, 87.90
U.S. finish
50. Sarah Gandy, USA, 28.90

Men’s trampoline
1. Daniel Praest, Denmark, 98.70
2. Daniel Schmidt, Germany, 97.70
3. Jaime Ponce, Spain, 92.90
U.S. finish
4. Jeffrey Gluckstein, USA, 92.70
9. Casey Gesuelli, USA, 55.80

14-and-younger (born in or after 1994)
Women’s trampoline
1. Claudia Manicone, Italy, 86.70
2. Romee Pol, Netherlands, 86.10
3. Caro Lenoir, Belgium, 85.00
U.S. finish
51. Sydney Newman, USA, 28.00

Men’s trampoline
1. Martin Spatt, Germany, 85.80
2. Alexander Brand, Germany, 84.50
3. Jake Chattaway, Germany, 83.90
U.S. finish
14. Ronald Jacobson, USA, 51.90