Morgan Hamm, who turned 18 years old today, finished the floor exercise event final in 7th place.

Igor Vihrovs
(LAT) won gold with a 9.812, Olympic all-around champion Alexi Nemov won the silver with a 9.80 and Jordan Jovtchev (BUL) won bronze with 9.787


(7th on Floor-SCORE: 9.262)

On how he is going to spend his 18th birthday
: “I might go out to dinner with my coach and my brother and the guys to celebrate a little bit tonight and see the city.”
“Being with the team and getting to know the guys really well has been the best part. Being with John Roethlisberger has really helped me. I think the team did really well, actually, we had a couple of mistakes. Overall, I am happy with how I did.”
“I had a good routine, but on my dismount, I got hung up in the air and landed a little short. Other than that the rest of the routine was good.
“The whole Olympic experience has been pretty amazing. Just walking into the arena… it has been just awesome… how many people can say they’ve been at the Olympics at 18 years old. It’s amazing to be here.
“The next four years are going to be really important for USA Gymnastics. We’ve got a chance in the next Olympics to go up there and get a medal for sure…we have some young guys coming up who are really strong… Jason Gatson, Sean Townsend, Brett McClure, so it’s going to be really strong.
“This is my first senior international competition, so I’ve just started competing at this level…I am more motivated now than I have ever been…seeing these guys and where I can be in four years, just makes me want to get back into the gym and start working.”

Do the older guys on the team make you call them “sir”?

“No… they call me ‘baby,’ but I don’t call them ‘sir.'”