WEST LIBERTY, W.Va. – No. 1 seed Baylor acrobatics & tumbling took the NCATA Championship title, downing second-seeded Oregon on Saturday afternoon in the Finals, 278.855 to 268.555, inside the ASRC.

The Bears (11-0) defeated the Ducks (6-3) by 10-plus points for their eighth-straight NCATA title.

Starting off the meet, Baylor had a Compulsory score of 38.475. A score of 9.700 was garnered in Acro for the second day in a row, 9.875 in Pyramid, 9.825 in Toss and an 9.075 in Tumbling. Going into the second event, BU was up 38.475 to Quinnipiac’s 38.200 score.

Moving into the optional portion of the meet, Baylor had a score of 9.900 in Heat 1, 9.575 in Heat 2 and 9.825 in Heat 3 of Acro to total 29.300 for the event. The Ducks had scores of 9.750, 9.025 and 9.500, respectively, for a total of 28.275. Going into the Pyramid event, BU was up 67.775 to UO’s 66.475.

In the Pyramid event, the Bears earned a 9.775 in Heat 1, the inversion heat. In heat two, BU earned a 9.800, the synchronized heat. In heat three, the open heat, the Bears scored a perfect 10, their second of the season in that heat. With the event scoring a 29.575, the running total was updated to 97.350 for Baylor. Oregon totaled 29.475 for the event, tying BU’s score in heat 1, and had a score of 95.950 going into halftime, the Bears up 1.4-points on the Ducks.

In the Toss Event, Baylor had scores of 9.650, 9.375 and 9.675, respectively, to total xx for the event. The Ducks scored a 9.550, 9.400 and 9.625, respectively, to total 28.575. Going into the fifth event, Tumbling, the Bears were up 126.050 to UO’s 124.525.

In the Tumbling Event, Heat 1 (Duo) with junior Kristen McCain and freshman Aliyah “Chibi” Thomas scored a 9.525. In the Trio Heat (Heat 2), Kamryn Kitchens, Aliyah Kaloostian and Ally Joswick scored a 9.150. The Quad Pass (Heat 3) had Katie Shiffer, Gianna Cameron, Emily Tobin and Alayja Reynolds score a 9.250. The Aerial pass from Thomas earned a 9.875, McCain in the 6 Element pass (Heat 5) had a 9.825, and Kitchens in the Open pass (Heat 6) earned a 9.950 to highlight the event. The Bears’ total came to 57.575 for the event, while the Ducks scored a 56.150. Going into the nights final event, BU was up 183.625 to 180.675 from UO.

In the Team event, Baylor earned a score of 95.230 while Oregon earned an 87.880, bringing the meet score to a total of 278.855 to 268.555, BU taking the win.