There were changes among the pair/groups on the J.O. National Team, leaving open positions on the the team. The Program Committee, per the JONT Selection Procedures, has invited alternate pair/groups, identified from the 2007 J.O. National Championships, to join the J.O .Team, filling the available slots.


Congratulations to the following athletes who are now members of the JO National Team:

  • Level 8 WP: Hannah Douglas, Soffie Metzler (WCA)
  • Level 8 WG: Jesse Kelly, Monika Terry, Taryn Kies (ATA)
  • Level 8 WG: Char-Lee Sage, Lauren Kitchens, Laurin Burton (SRVDA)
  • Level 9 WG: Kaelibeth Caviness, Abigail Schaefer, Hannah Schaefer (H2H)
  • Level 9 WG: McKenzie Bloom, Michaela Meyer, Hayley Ferrante (ATA)