Audrey Johnson (Greenville, S.C./World Chase Tag-Anarchy) and Calen Chan (Lehi, Utah/YGT Free Running) won silver and bronze medals, respectively, at the 2023 Montpellier World Cup in France over the weekend. With their performances, they became the first Americans ever to win World Cup medals in the discipline.

In her World Cup debut, Johnson took silver in women’s speed competition with a time of 45.070 seconds. Sweden’s Miranda Tibbling won the competition with a 42.060-second run, while Bodine Zuijderwijk of the Netherlands landed in third with a time of 46.061 seconds. In freestyle competition, Johnson was eighth with a 22.00 while Teammate Reagan Chan (Lehi, Utah/YGT Free Running) was 11th with an 18.00.

On the men’s side, Chan was third on the freestyle podium with a 26.00 behind first-place Elis Torhall of Sweden with a 28.00 and Japan’s Tomoya Suzuki in second with a 26.50. Fellow Americans Shea Rudolph (Middleboro, Mass.), Luke Mizel (Azusa, Calif.) and Sean Higgins (Denver, Colo./Path Movement) landed sixth (25.50), 17th (22.002) and 23rd (18.50), respectively. Higgins also was 27th in men’s speed qualifications with a time of 36.056 seconds.

Final standings were based on qualifying scores; semi-final and final rounds were cancelled due to inclement weather.