Kristin Allen and Michael Rodrigues
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Below are the athletes that were selected for 2008 World Championships and International Age Group Competition to be held in Glasgow, Scotland – September 29 – October 13.

11-16 International Age Group Competition Selection:

Team USA 1 – RSAC Women’s Group – Chelcea Riegel, Ashley Hargis, Krissy Weidmaier
Team USA 2 – XTR Women’s Group – Kendall Meyer, Nora Conners, Erica Prestipino

Team USA 1 – WCTC Women’s Pair – Hannah Douglas, Kristin Metzler
Team USA 2 – Hayley Lemmons, DeShay Eisenmenger

12-19 International Age Group Competition Selection:

Team USA 1 – WCTC Women’s Group – Mariah Spray, Steffi Scheid, Hannah Busha
Team USA 2 – WCTC Women’s Group – Jillian Giblin, Maren Focke Rey, Katie Rodgess

Team USA 1 – ATA Women’s Pair – Tiana Terry, Monica Simikowski
Alternate* – Valerie Bryant, Danielle Hovey

Team USA 1 – WCTC Men’s Pair – Brandon McCallum, Cameron Carlson

Team USA 1 – ATA Mixed Pair – Madeline Bones, Kyle Bloom

Team USA Delegation Officials – IAGC:

Head of Delegation – Tom Housley
International Age Group Competition Head Coach – Selena Peco
International Age Group Competition Assistant Coach (1) – Marie Annonson
International Age Group Competition Assistant Coach (2) – Linda Porter
Team Manager – Bob Meier
Athletic Trainer – Bobby Boswell
Judge (1) – Jola Jones (Cat I)
Judge (2) – Ronda Francis (Cat IV)
Chaperone (1) – TBA
Chaperone (2) – TBA

Personal Coach – Juli Arnett (XTR)
Personal Coach – Rumen Lachov (BGC)
Personal Coach – Linda Meier (ATA)

World Championships Selection:

Team USA 1 – WCTC Mixed Pair – Kristin Allen, Michael Rodrigues

Team USA Delegation Officials – WC:

Head of Delegation – Steve Penny
Team Manager – Tom Housley
Head Coach – Marie Annonson
Judge (1) – Carisa Laughon
Judge (2) – Kari Duncan
Team Physician – Dr. Jay Binder

*Alternates are not members of the IAGC/WC. Alternates will be invited to become members of the team in the event of openings. Prior to being named to the team, pair/groups must prove readiness at the World Team Camp and be named to the Team by the Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Committee.