The Acrobatic Gymnastics Future Stars and Open Camp-Super Clinic was a huge success. Athletes and coaches from around the country had the unique opportunity to learn skill techniques, training plans, and new skills. The athletes that attended enjoyed their time training and being instructed by each of the clinicians and bonding with fellow athletes as each prepare for the upcoming 2019 competitive season.

Allie Alexander – age 13, JO Level 8 Women’s Group
“What I liked most about the (Open Camp) – Super Clinic camp is that I got to see things from other coaches prospective. Other coaches from other gyms teach different ways. So, it was fun to learn and improve skills while getting input from different coaches. Thank you for an amazing time!”

Ashlyn Jarrell – age 10, JO Level 8 Women’s Group
“What I liked most at the (Open Camp) – Super Clinic was getting input from Coach Gawain and Ms. Marsha. Ms. Marsha was really funny and nice. Coach Gawain was very helpful and strict in a nice way. Thanks to them; I got my basket layout and basket front tuck. I am so proud to have been able to attend the clinic. I had a fantastic time.”

Kyleigh Perrill – age 13, JO Level 8 Women’s Group
“What I liked most about the (Open Camp) – Super Clinic were the coaches, new skills and the warm-ups. I like how all of the coaches were so nice and helped fix everything in each skill. We’re super excited to get two new skills by ourselves. It would have taken much longer if we wouldn’t have had the extra advice and tips from others. Also, the different warm-ups were fun to learn, as well as seeing what everyone else does prior to workouts. Thank you all.”

Averie Rogers – age 9, JO Level 7 Mixed Pair
“What I liked most about the (Open Camp) – Super Clinic was the amazing coaches; especially Gawain and Marsha. We learned one skill perfectly. It was the high pike to split. We learned front swan to wrap. My team and I had an amazing experience at the Super Clinic. Thank you.”

Parker Posey – age 13 JO Level 7 Mixed Pair
“What I liked most about the (Open Camp) – Super Clinic is the fact that every coach worked with each and every kid. I love to improve, and I love this sport. So – even if I never make it to worlds; I definitely want to get people introduced and involved in Acro. I always want to do this sport.”

The Future Stars program is intended to identify talented athletes exhibiting a strong caliber and quality participating in the JO Track (Levels 8, 9, & 10) and encourage their continuation and growth in Acrobatic Gymnastics. Future Stars helps to support both athletes and coaches by providing dedicated gym training and education lectures at high levels. The goal is to recognize up-and-coming athletes and focus on developing skills to progress to the elite levels.

The Acrobatic Super Clinic – Open Camp focuses on working with new, up and coming, and experienced coaches to provide educational instruction from top level clinicians within the Acrobatic discipline. Coaches and athletes gather in both gym training and educational lecture sessions to learn about routine construction, training plans, techniques, tariff sheet review/creation and more.