The 2017 Future Stars Camp was a real success this year! We had 34 gymnasts attend in Lake Placid, NY for a 3 day intensive but fun camp! The camp was led by Brooke Toohey, the Future Star Coordinator, and the staff was phenomenal!

Galina Burns from Florida, was our lead staff for the second year in row and did not disappoint! She has a way of teaching the basics so that everyone understands and has fun!

Bibi Iontchev from Los Angeles, brought her amazing energy to the camp with her innovative conditioning, equipment technique and dance!

Alex Anatska from New York taught ballet once again and the gymnasts just love his classes. He has such a passion for ballet and the gymnasts look forward to working with him every year.

We are excited that the Future Star Program is continuing to grow each year and help develop these athletes and coaches at the beginning of their careers. We look forward to seeing you all next season so continue to work hard and enjoy the sport you love!