Lori Laznovsky, USAG/GFA committee member, presenting the Dave
Moskovitz Award to Larry Laznovsky, President, American Sokol.

INDIANAPOLIS, August 18, 2009 – The American Sokol organization was honored as the recipient of the annual Dave Moskovitz Award for 2009.

The Dave Moskovitz Award is given annually to an individual, individuals, or organization that exemplifies the "Spirit of the Gymnaestrada" and Gymnastics for All.

American Sokol served as the host organization for the 2009 International Sport and Cultural Festival in Fort Worth, Texas, June 23-27, at the Fort Worth Convention Center. This world class event included the USA Gymnastics National GymFest, TeamGym Nationals, Gymnastics for All Challenge, Festival Rhythmic & Aesthetic Gymnastics competition, and the Festival Gala.

Steve Whitlock, USAG/GFA Director said, “American Sokol provided an outstanding venue in a wonderful host city for the location of our 2009 National events. The entire event truly characterized the "Spirit of the Gymnaestrada" and will certainly have an impact on the growth and development of our future Gymnastics for All programs. We were proud to partner with our good friends from American Sokol and believe furthering these kinds of cooperative and synergistic events is an important goal for the future.”

One of the attending USA Gymnastics groups, the Biron Gymnastics Show Team, commented, “American Sokol deserves the highest accolades for having conducted such a well organized festival characterized by camaraderie, excellence, enthusiasm and spirited support of gymnastics and sport. American Sokol, a member organization of USA Gymnastics, American Sokol is an organization dedicated to the physical, mental, and cultural advancement of its members, the youth and adults that attend its programs and the local communities they serve. Sokol was founded on the philosophy that only physically fit, mentally alert, and culturally well developed citizens can make a nation strong and give life to the honorable spirit of patriotism. American Sokol conducts exhibitions, clinics, training courses, and classes for all ages and abilities, and also sponsors many cultural events. American Sokol has distinguished itself with impressive accomplishments throughout its rich history. There are currently 44 Sokol units, or clubs, open in North America.

Visit the American Sokol web site at www.american-sokol.com.