L.Moskovitz, L.Laznovsky, Diane & Rob Floyd, P. Lord, C.Bickman
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INDIANAPOLIS, July 9, 2008 — Diane and Rob Floyd were honored as the receiptients of the annual Dave Moskovitz Award at the National Congress in Philadelphia.

The Dave Moskovitz Award is given annually to an individual, individuals, or organization that exemplifies the “spirit of the Gymnaestrada” and Gymnastics for All.

The Floyds along with their Skydancers Performance Team have participated in multiple World Gymnaestradas, conduct their own annual Gymnastics For All Festival, and have ot6herwise helped to promote and growth group gymnastics through volunteering, mentoring, and providing educational opportunities.

Skyview Gymnastics is the home of the Gymdancers Performance Team, and competitive programs in Acrobatic Gymnastics, Artistic Gymnastics, and Trampoline & Tumbling. They offer a variety of classes for children of all ages, including Parent and Tot, Preschool and Kinder Gym, Flip! for Xtreme Sports, and adult classes. Their primary goal is to instill a life-long appreciation for the joy and challenges of physical activity.  Skyview provides a strong foundation in gymnastics, excellent training at all levels, and a variety of opportunities for those who wish to pursue the sport. They believe that by learning to be courageous and confident in motion, a child has learned skills for a lifetime.