Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp Participants

The 2007 National Team / JO National Team Training Camp took place from November 9-13, 2007 at Karolyi’s Gymnastics Center in Huntsville, TX. The camp was a season highlight for the participating athletes and coaches.


The growth of the team was apparent both inside the gym and outside the gym. Our talented and energetic clinicians – Youri Vorobyev, Ivaylo Katsov, Tonya Case, and Doug Boger, Jamie Broz, and Anatoliy Solodar – worked well with all of the athletes. Pair/groups spent time learning new skills as well as focusing on perfecting existing skills and choreography. There was a tremendous feeling of “Team USA“. The athletes and coaches understood and carried out the ideas of working together, motivating, teaching, and respecting each another.


Some of the highlights from camp were a bonfire with a guest of honor, Bela Karolyi and team bonding games such as chicken on a tin roof directed by Tom Housley. We talked with a few of the athletes and attendees and asked them personally about their experience at camp. Here is what they had to say:


Senior National Team Member, Kristin Allen, says this is her favorite trip of the year! There is no pressure, you get to work with the best coaches and get positive feedback. She also loves the gorgeous surroundings.


This is Ryan Ward’s third year at camp and although he attended without his partner, he felt he was still able to learn from the clinicians by watching them work with other groups.


Both Kristin and Ryan understood the significance of being at Karolyi’s, Looking at the beams and imagining all the great athletes who have been on them and seeing the autographed pictures on the wall and realizing all the great athletes who have come through the gym doors.


This was Michael Parsiola’s first year at camp and he really appreciated the one on training from the clinicians. “The coach:athlete ratio this year is perfect. There isn’t anytime to stand around.” He really liked getting out of school and hanging out with kids from other clubs.


Catherine Bechnel is in her third year of camp and agreed that getting out of school was great. She also liked catching up with her friends.


Mariah Spray loves learning new skills (and showing off her battle cars from learning those new skills). She especially enjoyed the tumbling clinic because “Doug is so funny!”


Senior Elite Women’s Group, Mariah Henninger, Tisa Penny, and Ally Kidd were enjoying their time at camp. They felt very fortunate to have a private with Tonya Case to work on their routines.


Allie DeGuire, Amanda Schwarztrauber and Cindy Fogelbach enjoyed learning from the clinicians and meeting up with friends from other clubs. They also liked coming up with great pranks with their coach, Marcia DeGuire.


Jola Jones, US Brevet judge, was attending her second camp. She loves the weather and the beautiful surroundings. She also loves the fact that everything is here – lodging, food and the gym.


All the athletes enjoyed thei