The 2006 Future Stars Camp took place again at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, N.Y. on September 24-28. The staff and coaches were excited to have beautiful sunny weather this year, while the gymnasts were disappointed that they couldn’t run and play in the snow.

The 2006 Future Stars Team consisted of 30 gymnasts from all over the USA. 28 gymnasts were able to attend this three day camp which was lead by Brooke Bushnell Toohey, Future Stars Director. Our staff again consisted of Stan Picus, ballet & dance instructor, plus coaches Mila Hardy & Iliana Ivanova. They focused on all the apparatus handling, stretching, body technique and conditioning. Most of the gymnast’s personal coaches were able to attend the camp. This enabled them to not only learn, but share their own expertise & knowledge of the sport with one another. The gymnasts were able to train six hours a day which gave them time to absorb what they were taught by our great staff and coaches.

The coaches and athletes were also fortunate to have a session with sports psychologist Mara Smith. She was able to help the athletes and coaches work through feelings and emotions they have at practice and competition. Teaching communication early on helps avoid problems later on in their careers and lives.

Nights were filled with fun activities like arts and crafts. This kept the girls busy and let them have more time to get to know each other. We made signs for their doors and thank you notes for all the OTC and USAG staff.

The 2006 Future Stars Camp was fun and successful again this year. We want to thank the staff, coaches and athletes for all their hard work. We hope that everyone enjoyed the experience and that next year we can continue to grow and improve our Future Stars Camp and Program.