Natalie Lacuesta from Skokie, Ill., captured her second Junior National Championship title at the 1995 Rhythmic National Championships in Jacksonville, Fla. Lauri Illy from Virginia Beach, Va., finished second for the second year in a row, and newcomer Tara McCargo from Jacksonville, Fla., placed third.

“It’s better winning it the second time,” said Lacuesta. “I was happy that I accomplished my goal of staying on top. I’m looking forward to competing next week in Columbia and then at the Olympic Festival this summer.”

The top eight competitors make the USA Gymnastics Junior National Team and qualify to the 1995 U.S. Olympic Festival, subject to approval by the United States Olympic Committee. USOF-’95 takes place July 21-30 in Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs, Colo.

1995-96 Junior National Team/1995 U.S. Olympic Festival Qualifiers:
(Place, Athlete, Hometown, Club/Location, Score)
1, Natalie Lacuesta, Skokie, Ill., Rhythmic Gems/Evanston, Ill., 72.950
2, Lauri Illy, Virginia Beach, Va., Rhythmic Gems/Evanston, Ill., 72.400
3, Tara McCargo, Jacksonville, Fla., Int’l RSG/Jacksonville, Fla., 71.950
4, Kassy Scharringhausen, Atlanta, Ga., Atlanta Int’l RGC/Atlanta, Ga., 70.150
5, Kelsi Kemper, Gig Harbor, Wash., Anelia’s RSG /Seattle, Wash., 70.100
6, Johanna Shoemaker, North Potomac, Md., Rhythmflex/Rockville, Md., 68.050
7, Kate Jeffress, Rockville, Md., Rhythmflex/Rockville, Md., 67.150
8, Diana Quirin, Portland, Ore., Creative RSG/Beaverton, Ore., 67.100

Senior all-around finals also take place June 10, and event finals for both juniors and seniors are Sunday, June 11.