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Skills Named For U.S. Women

Women’s FIG “Code of Points” Skills
These are skills named after U.S. athletes that are still included in the current FIG Code of Points.

Uneven bars
Bhardwaj Salto (Mohini Bhardwaj) – From the high bar, facing the low bar, swing down and flip backwards with a 360 degree twist to catch the low bar.
Church (Savannah Church) - Hstd on HB – Pike sole circle bwd counter pike reverse hecht over HB to hang
Fontaine (Larissa Fontaine) – Swing down between bars – swing forward to salto backward tucked with 180 degree twist into salto forward tucked.
Frederick (Marcia Frederick) - Stalder backward with 1/1 turn in handstand phase
Maloney (Kristin Maloney) – Swing backwards, bringing feet to the bar and into a handstand position while executing a 360 degree turn to mixed-L or L grip.
McNamara (Julianne McNamara) – Jump to clear support on high bar, immediate clear hip circle (circle backward without hips touching bar) to handstand with 180 degree turn in handstand phase on high bar.
Okino (Betty Okino) –  On high bar, facing away from the low bar, clear underswing with 180 degree twist to back flip in stretched position.
Ray (Elise Ray) – On low bar, facing high bar, stalder backward (straddle position underneath bar) to release and hang on high bar.
Ray (Elise Ray) – Double layout dismount with two full twists.
White (Morgan White) – Stalder forward in L-grip to handstand with 180 degree turn in handstand.

Balance Beam
Garrison (Kelly Garrison) – Round off onto spring board, back tucked salto with 360 degree twist to land on beam.
Garrison (Kelly Garrison) – Free shoulder roll forward with straightening to tuck stand or stand without hand support.
Garrison (Kelly Garrison) – From extended tuck sit – Valdez swing over backward through horizontal plane with support on one arm.
Humphrey (Terin Humphrey) – 2.5 turn in tuck stand on one leg, free leg at horizontal throughout turn.
Johnson - Leap forward with leg change and 1/4 turn to side split leap (180 degrees) or straddle pike position
Liukin (Nastia Liukin) - Front salto piked with take off from one foot to scale (2 sec.)
Okino (Betty Okino) –Triple turn on one leg – free leg optional below horizontal.
Patterson (Carly Patterson) – Arabian double salto forward tucked.
Phillips (Kristie Phillips) – Press to side handstand, front walkover to side stand on both legs .
Worley (Shayla Worley) - Jump backawards with 180 turn handspring to land on two feet

Floor exercise
Memmel (Chellsie Memmel) – 720 degree turn with free leg held upward in 180 degree split position.
Biles (Simone Biles) - Double layout half out.

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