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Judging Accreditation

Registration Deadlines:
Fax, email or mail - Must be received a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the exam date. Online registration - 1 week from the date of the exam. (available to Pro. & Jr. Pro members only). Click here to get the hard copy registration form.

Any exam registration received after the above deadline, but at least THREE business days before the test is scheduled, will be charged $30 per test part and the examinee must receive the permission of the Test Administrator. All late registrants must complete a hard copy of the registration form and send it by FAX or scan to e-mail.

No requests within three days of the scheduled exam will be accommodated.

Important Notices:
If you are taking the 5/6 or 7/8 exams, you will not need to bring a current rating card or an exemption eligibility form. These items are only needed when testing up to Level 9 or Level 10. However, you may need a results letter when taking an exam at any level if you are taking an exam version other than version A1. (see graph below)

Explanation of exam versions:
You may take an exam for the same level only 4 times in the same Accreditation year (Aug. 1 to July 31). After August 1 of each year, all examinees start with the A1 version.

Click here to register online
If you are not a Professional or Jr. Professional Member, you must fill out the registration form to register. The form may be submitted by mail, FAX or scanned to e-mail.

Once registered, an individual may not transfer registration fees to another exam date or request a refund unless they do so in writing to USA Gymnastics at least 8 days prior to the scheduled exam. Extreme extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration on an individual basis. 

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