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Level 1 Certification - Fundamental of Gymnastics Instruction

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Course Description

This course was designed to provide gymnastics professionals with a knowledge base of key principles and proven coaching techniques used in gymnastics today. The topics of coaching principles, basic safety and risk management, communication, supervision and instruction, teaching gymnastics skills, athlete development and preparation, and more are covered in this comprehensive introductory course. Each unit contains a "Coaches Clinic" segment with common terminology as well as video demonstrations of beginning recreational skills and progressions.

This course will be beneficial to all gymnastics professionals - both experienced and inexperienced. Instructors new to the sport of gymnastics will find this course provides a valuable foundation on which to build their education and skills. Experienced professionals can use this course as a self-assessment to fine-tune their own skills and coaching philosophy as well as align with industry best practices. All gymnastics professionals will gain greater insight, knowledge, training tips, and ideas throughout the course.

The focus of the Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction Course is predominantly on the recreational gymnastics levels, however the information is applicable to all levels, from preschool, to school-age, to competitive athletes. The skills presented are basic skills advancing no higher than levels 2 or 3. All gymnastics disciplines are covered including women's artistic, men's artistic, trampoline, rhythmic, and acrobatics.

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Course Outline

    Unit 1: Introduction to Gymnastics
      Coaches Clinic: Floor exercise
    Unit 2: Your Role as a Coach or Instructor
      Coaches Clinic: Uneven Bars & Balance Beam
    Unit 3: Gymnastics Safety
      Coaches Clinic: Vault & Trampoline
    Unit 4: Class and Practice Management
      Coaches Clinic: High Bar & Parallel Bars
    Unit 5: Athlete Development
      Coaches Clinic: Pommel Horse & Still Rings
    Unit 6: Teaching Gymnastics Skills
      Coaches Clinic: Rhythmic & Acrobatic Gymnastics

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