USA Gymnastics Magazine

USA Gymnastics Magazine is published six times per year and has a peak circulation of more than 100,000. The magazine is mailed to gymnasts and their families, coaches, judges, club owners, fans, administrators and fans.

The magazine offers four-color throughout, complete with great photos, personality features, event results, gymnastics updates, training tips and more. The magazine gives information leading up to and including the World Championships and the Olympic Games.


Technique Magazine comes out 10 times per year and has a circulation of more than 17,000. The magazine, which has a four-color cover and two-color throughout, is mailed to instructors, coaches, judges, club owners, administrators and other subscribers who are interested in the technical aspect of the sport.

This publication includes minutes, rule updates, technical information, sports fitness updates, features on specific skills and techniques and other items that professionals working in the sport need to know.

If you have a question or want to submit a story idea or photo for either publication, please contact:

Scott Bregman
Director Content and Communications

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