USA Gymnastics Fitness Program


What: The USA Gymnastics Fitness Program is an initiative that encourages physical fitness through fun activities that emphasizes strength training, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility and good nutrition.

Who: The program is geared toward children 3-16 years old and can be used for gymnasts from recreation to team. The program is designed for year-round use to develop a physically active lifestyle for today's youth. The new USA Gymnastics Fitness Program also features scales of measurement, additional movement training exercises, as well as exercises for three levels of fitness: beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Other new materials include individual online video breakdowns of every exercise, a participant progression chart, updated Fitness and National Gymnastics Day logos.

Where: The USA Gymnastics Fitness Program can be held at any gymnastics club, youth organization, school or community center. You can find a local club by calling 1-800-345-4719 or visiting

Video tips from St. Vincent's Sports Performance

When: While the program is designed to be year-round program, most gymnastics clubs start their sessions in the early spring with a renewed push during the back-to-school timeframe. Each year, National Gymnastics Day (Sept. 20, 2014) is a platform for clubs to host demonstrations of the program.


The 2014 USA Gymnastics Fitness Administrator's Handbook is available NOW!
Click here to see the handbook. You can read it in our interactive viewer or to download a PDF copy.

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